5 Secrets About Robert Erik Holmlin That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years

    Mystery Of Robet's Death
    Mystery Of Robet's Death

    From the moment he was born to the day he died, Robert erik Holmlin has been a mystery. He was once considered a person of interest in a murder case, but there was never enough evidence to make an arrest. The only physical item linked to him is his obituary, which says that at the time of his death, he stood at just over six feet. But what else do we know about this man? We decided to investigate and discover five secrets about the mysterious Robert Erik Holmlin.

    5 Secrets About Robert Erik Holmlin That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years :

    1. The Murder

    In the early morning hours of April 15, 1966, a man named Leo Larson and his wife Betty were found dead in their home located on the outskirts of Detroit. Each of the victims had been shot twice. The police later ruled out robbery as a motive due to the fact that nothing was taken from the home and that Mr. Larson’s wallet and watch were still in place.

    The investigation led to someone named Holmlin who was described as being a drifter with no known address or relatives. An article published by Time magazine after his death indicated that robbery may have still been a possible motive if he had spotted Mrs. Larson’s jewelry and decided to take it for himself.

    2. Tied To A Murder Case

    The police investigated Holmlin for the Larson murders, but in that time there were never enough clues available to make an arrest. But the case didn’t stop there, as four years later in 1971 another murder occurred on the same block in Detroit and it was somehow linked to Holmlin. This time, however, there was physical evidence linking him to the crime. On June 23rd of that year, a man named Gerald Snyder was found dead inside his home also located on the same street as Robert Erik Holmlin’s home.

    A neighbor named Sarah Madison later came forward and told a reporter that she had seen Holmlin stalking Mr. Snyder near his home and outside the window of his apartment multiple times. The case was in the works, but she ended up retracting her statement after she was asked by police if there were any other names that matched her description of Holmlin.

    3. Tied To A Murder Case Again

    Holmlin’s murder led to the second murder case in Detroit, but this time things took a bizarre turn when one of the main suspects in both cases committed suicide rather than face trial for murder.

    On July 16th, 1984, a woman named Ann Marie Simmons was found dead in her home. She had been shot to death after intruders entered her home and shot her in the head. She had previously submitted a statement saying that she did not want Holmlin to die after his death was linked to the Snyder case.

    4. Buried In An Unmarked Grave

    Holmlin’s life ended unceremoniously as he was buried at the potter’s field in Highland Park, Michigan where people without family are buried. Due to the fact that his case was still open at the time, he had an unmarked grave. His obituary stated that he was known to have no living relatives, but there is not a single death certificate or cemetery record that confirms this. The article on Time also cited that Holmlin was known as a drifter who had been living in Detroit and working odd jobs when he disappeared prior to his death.

    5. Where Is The Rest of His Body?

    Holmlin’s obituary stated that he was buried at the Highland Park Cemetery without a headstone, but the cemetery has never confirmed this and his grave is unmarked. This lead to rumors that perhaps someone else’s body was mistakenly placed inside his coffin or that there was some other explanation for why no headstone or records exist. But then there is also the possibility that his body may have been stolen from the cemetery, as it is known among gravediggers to take bodies from potter’s field graves and sell them to medical schools for experimentation.

    Conclusion :

    The mystery of Robert Erik Holmlin remains unsolved, but there is now physical evidence to conclude that he was involved in the Larson murder case. It would seem that some of Mr. Holmlin’s earthly possessions were later connected to Gerald Snyder and Ann Marie Simmons murders while others have yet to be discovered. The fact that he was never officially identified or even officially found could mean he was in fact the killer.


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