gives 2[0x2]. should be 0[0x0]

The answer is “no” on both counts.

I know, you were expecting 0, but 2 is the result of two numbers that are the same, so 0 is actually more correct and correct. The reason is that there is no “integer” 0 so you can’t subtract a number from it and it will be 0.

0[0x0] is incorrect because 0 is the integer 0. If it were 0[0x0] then it would be 0[0x0x0], which is 0[0x0] since the numbers are the same.

So 0x2 is correct and 0[0x0] is incorrect. I’ll leave it to you to try it out since i can’t, but 0x2 is an integer and 0[0x0] is not an integer.

If you didn’t know that 0x2 is a positive integer, you could have a very good idea of what’s going on. We can easily guess that the game was on for some reason, but let’s go ahead and take the 0x0 argument. What’s wrong with 0x2? It is the negative number that keeps the game going. It’s 0x2 is wrong.

It is 0x2, the negative number.

it is the negative number.

The game isnt on, it’s off.So 00×0 is not an integer. 0x2 is a positive integer and 00×0 is a negative integer.

this is a good point. This game isnt on.Its off.Its not the end.What we need to do is go over to the computer and check the computer’s manual.There is no game on.

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