How to Plan Business Travel: Everything You Need to Know


Travel is part of doing business for a lot of professionals. In the United States, 1.3 million trips are taken daily. 

If you travel often for work, you need to get your process together. Having a process will keep you comfortable when you travel and will improve your time management. We have the checklist that you’re looking for. 

The following tips will help you plan business travel that is seamless, comfortable, and productive. 

Double and Triple Check Schedules

Preparing for business trips starts with planning and scheduling. A scheduling conflict or poor planning can wreck your entire work week or lose business. Consider these aspects of your schedule when booking your travel timetables:

  • Engagements and appointments you have to attend
  • What’s on the docket in the days before and after travel
  • Time in the air and layovers
  • Time zone changes
  • Traffic and distances of travel

Putting all of these details together is a balancing act, but worth every bit of effort when your trip goes smoothly. 

Prioritize Space and Comfort

If you travel frequently, take steps to ease the burden on your body and mind. Look into flying business class or first class accommodations so that you have leg room that leaves you refreshed once you reach your destination. 

Consider flight memberships that give you access to lounges during your layovers or before your flights. Expedite your travel with pre-check and other conveniences.

Use a business travel packing checklist and pack a carry-on filled with items that’ll take care of you during a layover. Constantly jumping on planes for flights can take its toll, so make it as comfortable a process as possible.  

Get the Best Hotel Bookings

Do your best to get a good night’s sleep whenever you travel. Find hotels with comfortable accommodations, luxury, and service that puts you at ease. Book rooms on quiet floors, with blackout blinds and room service, and onsite amenities. 

Start early when searching your options for hotels business travel itinerary, and lock in your rates early. Hotel rates per night are expected to grow by 13% in the near future, so use travel points, hotel credit cards, and rewards programs. 

Manage Your Business Travel Budget

Since you travel regularly, always recognize the bigger picture with the way you spend money. Rack up frequent flyer miles, give yourself a food and incidentals budget, and keep clean records for all your business travel expenses. Recordkeeping is important for write-offs and reimbursements. 

You can read more info here on how to make your dollar go further when you travel. 

Plan Business Travel Effectively

The tips above will help you plan business travel in a meaningful way. Whether you’re buying new luggage or trying to find a travel credit card, you will appreciate having your process in order. You’ll get where you’re going in style and comfort so that you can show up and make an impression on your business contacts. 

Rely on us when you’d like to learn more about capitalizing on your business and travel. 


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