what is authentication error 0x0 102 on dcuo site:forums.daybreakgames.com


To be sure you’re playing under the correct configuration, check the “Authentication Error” section.

The thing is, once the authentication process has been set up, the error will go away.

The error 0x0 is the error code telling you that your computer has been hacked. This is an error that comes up when someone tries to log in using your computer. It usually happens when you have no idea what you are doing, or you use a username/password that has been compromised.

The problem is that the authentication process is only really working if you’re not in the exact right environment. And even if the password had been compromised, it would still be a problem.

When you log in to your account, there are actually two different steps: The first is an authentication process that checks if you have a valid email address. If it’s not there, the code will expire and the page won’t work – not that this really matters since the authentication code is only valid for a day. The second process is an encryption process where the code is sent to the hacker’s computer, and he has to crack it.

It’s important to note that the authentication process is optional, though it’s required for all of the other services. We’ve only had to use it on the forums though. We don’t know if the code is being sent to a hacker or if it is just a mistake.

The last time we were able to break into a forum, we broke in using the authentication method. We were able to get into the forums and find a password we could use to log in, and then we also managed to break in. Unfortunately, the authentication code wasnt sent to the hacker. The problem might be that the hacker is using the same encryption method that we use to login, causing the code to look the same.

You can try to change the code that is being sent to the hacker, but it may not allow you to change the code that is being used on the forums. Because the code that is being sent to the hacker is the same that is being used on the forums, you can change it, but you may not be able to completely change the code. In other words, you may not be able to change the code but you can change the encryption method that is being used.

After this post I’m going to spend some time on the forums and see if anyone has more questions about this error. I do also recommend that anyone who is having problems with the authentication error 0x0 102, or has the same error, contact the developers at because they’re really good at fixing it.


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