10+ Software Tools to Reduce the Time it Takes for Your Business Management Operation


Quickly increase your efficiency with these helpful computer applications!

A few minutes of effort saved every day can make a huge difference over the course of a year. You can save time with software that automates repetitive tasks, supports communication across platforms, and saves you time through faster error checking. Here are ten software choices recommended by Something With Numbers to help you reduce the time it takes for your business management operation!

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1) Google Drive: 

This is an easy to use cloud storage platform which comes free with Google Docs. It allows users to automatically back up files and share them across devices so they always have their data even when they’re offline. Google Drive also provides integrated project management tools for scheduling, tracking progress, and collaborating on projects. It allows users to share files in real time with anyone through any device. You can also collaborate with others on projects to come up with better ideas.

2) 1mail: 

This is a free e-mail system that provides users with advanced features that save time and reduce frustration. It can save users hundreds of hours annually for handling repetitive tasks like managing large lists, filtering spam, and mass mailing lists. This program offers advanced filters which can automatically route e-mails to multiple inboxes based on the keywords used in the subject line. It has integration features that will let you turn your e-mails into RSS feeds or import them into programs like Google Docs or Microsoft Office Word for viewing, saving, printing, and further processing. The program also supports file attachments in several popular formats including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPG.

3) DropBox: 

This cloud storage platform is a convenient way to share files across devices. It’s an easy to use program that can be accessed through any desktop or mobile device. It provides users with up to 2GB of free storage which is enough for most personal projects though businesses will need more space. It offers advanced features for protecting valuable data from loss or damage through encryption, remote backup programs, and password protection. The service also allows users to share files with other people by setting up custom links which can be sent by e-mail or instant messaging platforms like Skype or Google Talk.

4) Skype: 

This video and voice capable program supports multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, and Linux. It provides text-based group chats and online meetings via customizable chat rooms called “rooms.” Users can share documents and presentations with others in the same room or even collaborate with different people on different devices at the same time. The program supports integration with third party applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Outlook Express; it also offers voice recognition via Dragon Dictate for Mac.

5) WeVideo: 

This app helps users make short videos which can be shared on social media sites like YouTube. It provides a simple interface for users to upload clips and add captions, photos, and music. The program supports several video formats including Flash MP4, H.264MP4, AVI, MPEG 4 AVI, MOV, FLV and WMV.

6) Symantec Data Recovery: 

This program allows you to back up your data using a “full system image” before a hard drive crash occurs. This software can then help you recover all the important data that was not damaged when the hard drive failed. Users can then choose which files will be restored from the backup when it’s time to re-install their operating system or software applications. This can save users time when re-installing their software applications or re-installing hardware after a hard drive failure.

7) SimpleFileUploader: 

This program lets you upload pictures, videos, and other files to your website without the need for web server software. The application uses PHP scripts to handle important file processing functions like encoding, encryption, thumbnail generation, and uploading. This allows you to update files with no downtime during the file upload process. It also allows you to create “submissions” which will allow visitors to download the file by clicking on the link sent in the submission email.

8) Email Station: 

This application allows users to manage multiple email accounts through a single interface. It provides support for major email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. It has an easy to use interface which lets you import all the email accounts into a single window that’s split into different inboxes. You can then sort your emails into different categories like “to read” and “to reply” which will make the inbox easier to manage; it also allows you to schedule recurring meetings with specific contacts through calendar integration features.

9) FileZilla: 

This is an open source FTP program that supports several platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It’s one of the easiest to use FTP programs available today with a simple interface that lets users transfer files using drag and drop or by double clicking on files in the left pane. It supports SMTP for sending email, remote synchronization, and has integrated support for the SSL/TLS protocol. This makes it easier to transfer sensitive data through file transfers because it automatically encrypts all traffic between your computer and external servers.

10) Cross-Browser Testing: 

This software is useful for testing your website in different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. The program lets you see an accurate representation of how your web pages will look in each browser so any problems can be fixed before they’re released to users.


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