11 things you have probably been doing the wrong way


If you’re wondering why your belly button has a big hole in it or how to get rid of bed bugs, this article will help you solve many common problems with the steps you have been taking so far.

I know it can be frustrating to figure out how a problem occurred and what to do about it when the solution is so simple, but if these tips were easy then everyone would know them already. 

SAM News has some information about the things you have probably been doing the wrong way.

Here are some points on the things you have probably been doing the wrong way-

1. Do not blow out candles with your mouth.

This works for birthday cakes but when you are blowing out birthday candles it is considered bad luck. This is the reason why you have to have a special birthday wish before blowing out all of the candles on your cake.

If you are trying to blow out a candle but the flame keeps relighting, then that means that someone in your life is still thinking about you. If you want to get rid of that person then light more candles or light one big candle.

If you want the person back then do not blow out the candles on your cake, do not blow them out with either your hand or breath.

2. Do not wear tassels on any pair of pants.

Tassels are seen as bad luck in many countries because they are the same as dead birds hanging from a tree or telephone wire. 

If you want to dabble into African culture then do not wear tassels. If you’re just wearing them for fashion then try to always remember that they can cause problems in your life.

3. Do not leave cereal boxes open after eating all of the cereal out of them.

This is one of the worst habits to get into because it means that someone will eat out of your box next time, and there is no telling who might take food out of your box next time. 

Anybody who has tried to use a cereal box as a book or to carry it while walking will understand what I am talking about.

4. Do not put anything in your ear.

This habit is caused by the fact that whenever people want to hear something they get a finger in their ear to amplify the sound from within the body. 

Another reason that a finger into the ear might cause problems is because it allows you to hear sounds that are not meant for you to hear, and this could be a noise from another room, a conversation going on between two people, or a sound from your TV. 

If you have ever gone out with someone who has been complaining about going deaf, then you know what I’m talking about.

5. Do not put anything in your ear.

If you have ever put anything in your ear, then I’m sure that you now know what can happen to you. If your friend put something in her ear then they now think the same thing about the person they are talking to. 

You will start hearing things that are not meant for you to hear, and this might lead to bad consequences. 

This is one reason why people do not like getting their ears tested even though it is for a good cause like medical treatment.

6. Do not walk through doors with your keys jangling or banging against them.

If you have ever seen a witch on a broomstick fly through the air on her way to casting some kind of spell, then you know what jangling keys look like. 

That is why it is best to put your keys in your pocket instead of close to your body when walking through a door. When you walk fast with your keys jiggling around it means that someone will have a bad fall and they will have some metal pieces land on them. 

They might even lose their job because they were late to work or they lost the ability to complete their daily duties because one of their legs got caught up in something by falling into it or stepping into it.

7. Do not tug on your ear lobes.

This is one of the worst habits to get into because it’s scaring people away from you. If you are trying to pull on your earlobes then you are probably looking for someone else or you are trying to get their attention. 

You always want other people to notice that you are there by expecting them to notice that something is wrong with your ears. If they do notice, then you will want them to talk to you about it. 


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