6 Cool Tech Innovations Coming To Your Car


Your car is about to get a lot smarter, and it’s all thanks to 6 cool tech innovations that are coming soon. From automatic parking to driverless cars, we’re going to see some really cool changes in the near future. Check out 6 of these innovations and how they will change your life for the better!

Smart Car Brand Discontinued for the U.S. Market by Mercedes

A smart car will be able to find a parking spot for you.

The first technology that was unveiled is called Autonomous Valet Parking. It’s going to change your life as soon as cars become part of the IoT  (internet of things). The system works using 6 cameras with sensors on top of the vehicle. It allows it to make real-time decisions about where exactly in an open parking space would be best for it to park. This is done by gathering information from all 6 cameras combined together into one image. It then creates a three dimensional map in order to determine if there are any obstacles in the way before moving forward or backing up. A prototype has already been tested out at CES 2016 , resulting in very accurate results each time.

Unparalleled level of driving intelligence

A car that’s able to park by itself is pretty cool. But what about one that can drive you around without your input? Well, Nissan has already announced plans for their driverless cars. They are set to be tested on the roads of Tokyo as early as 2016! The company claims these vehicles will have an “unparalleled level of driving intelligence” and take over all aspects of steering, acceleration, braking, monitoring road conditions and more. This type of technology could really improve safety on our roads. Since it would eliminate distracted driving caused by fiddling with a phone or radio controls while behind the wheel. It also makes commuting faster. Because there’s no need to wait at stop lights when not being manually operated, just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Driver Alert Support System

Another one of the 6 cool tech innovations coming to your car is a device that can help you avoid accidents by warning you when it senses another driver getting too close. The name says it all – “Driver Alert Support System” monitors lane changes and alerts drivers. If they’re not signalling or there’s danger ahead, such as a stopped vehicle in front of them. This could be very helpful for those who have anxiety behind the wheel, making sure they stay safe on every journey without having to constantly check their rearview mirror. If this technology becomes popular enough, maybe we’ll see self-driving cars become even more widely available. Because everyone will know how much safer driving would be with these safety features built into vehicles themselves!

A new way to pay for parking is coming to a city near you.

Another 6 cool tech innovations that’s hitting the streets soon involves an easier way of paying for your metered or timed parking. The “Pango” app was created as a solution to help drivers avoid getting expensive fines from using outdated payment methods such as coins and credit cards. Instead letting them use any smartphone connected to their account at point-of-sale terminals in order to split up time between multiple vehicles and accounts. This means it will be much more convenient than other apps like Parkmobile. Because the user won’t have to manually input license plates each time they park, just scan with Pango! Even if this technology doesn’t catch on right away, we’ll definitely see future versions make their way to more cities as time goes on.


The next innovation is a “talking” one that can communicate with you about where exactly it’s headed, what type of fuel or energy it’s using and even how much money it’s making for you! According to Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn , cars are going to be so advanced by 2020. They’ll have the ability to create their very own unique digital identities. Not only will this allow them to connect directly through various networks in order to share data back and forth. But also make future interactions completely automated between vehicles available on-demand via ride sharing apps like Uber . For example, if someone needs extra room in their vehicle because they hired out an entire limo for their night out, their car can simply message another vehicle within the network to ask if they’d be willing. This totally eliminates any need for physical keys. Because you’ll never even have to meet or speak with anyone in person just tap a button. And your car will arrive at your door ready for action!

Brain driving

The 6th innovation coming soon is going to change how we drive forever by being able only our minds instead of hands behind the wheel . It’s called “brain driving” technology and it allows drivers who are paralyzed from spinal cord injuries. Or other disabilities affecting mobility use thought patterns to control all aspects of operating a vehicle. It includes acceleration, speed braking , signalling left right etc. In fact, this type of tech has been around since 2014 when scientists developed a brain-computer interface (BCI) that allowed a quadriplegic man to drive in the Indianapolis 500 race.

The 6 cool tech innovations coming soon are really changing how we interact with our vehicles and what they can do for us. Even making it possible for people who may not have been able to enjoy this freedom before now! Visit our website at https://actknw.com/ regularly to be updated on the new innovations of cars.


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