7 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Mylabsplus Trident Experience


It’s that time of the semester again. The time when friends and classmates come together to share in the joy that is testing! Whether you’re completing your last section of the final Universal General Education requirement, or just struggling through a core class, you are bound to have had some great moments with Mylabsplus Trident (or at least your professor :)). And while these moments may be irreplaceable and unforgettable, they don’t warrant an entire blog post.

Mylabsplus trident is the solution to all of your testing needs. That’s right, all of them. Need some practice for an upcoming exam? Trident can help! Want to make sure you get all the points you deserve? Trident can help with that too! Looking for an excuse to procrastinate studying? Not a problem!

But, this post is about more than just the positives of using Mylabsplus as your go-to course software; it’s also about those funny little quirks and insider jokes that we all share. So, without further ado, here is a list of seven moments that basically sum up your Mylabsplus trident Experience (or the best ones I could come up with at least).

7 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Mylabsplus Trident Experience :

1. The time you struggled to pass a quiz

Despite the facts that 1) you took the time to study, and 2) Mylabsplus even gave you a helpful link to an “online tutorial” on how to take the quiz, you still somehow failed. The reason? Simple. You didn’t read the directions! It wasn’t your fault though, they were just so confusing.

2. The time when tech difficulties ruined your quiz grade

You had just completed another round of practice problems. You ended up getting an 80% which was actually pretty good! But, unfortunately as soon as you went to submit it, Mylabsplus was down due to technical difficulties. What do you do? You sigh, and realize that you will just have to wait until the next day.

3. The time you got a 100% on a quiz

You wanted to make sure you were prepared for the midterm, so you decided to take advantage of Mylabsplus’s “practice” section and take some quizzes. You did great! Not only did you do great, but you also felt as though it covered everything in your notes! That is why when it came time to study for your actual midterm, everything was so easy! You got an amazing grade on your test because Mylabsplus had essentially taught the class for you. Now that’s efficiency!

4. The time you failed a quiz

After all of the work you put in studying for your midterm, and getting a 100% on your practice quizzes, you had so many hopes and expectations for that final exam! Unfortunately though, like always, you turned out to be The Man Your Professor Could Not Beat. Tears filled your eyes as the professor spelled out the doom that was about to fall upon your shoulders. You had one month left before graduation (and Mylabsplus), so there was no time to waste. Thankfully though, while Mylabsplus crumbled around you, you were able to get a hold of the professor and beg her for an extension. She obliged!

5. The time you got a 100% on a final

All of the work you put into preparing for that final exam came through in your final grade. You even remembered to ask the professor for an extension, which she gladly gave! You passed and Mylabsplus was able to live another day! That’s good news! 

But, as soon as you finished celebrating with your friends and family, the professor sent an email asking for compensation for the results you presented her with. It turns out those 100% scores didn’t mean much when the software malfunctions caused you to fail one of your quizzes. So while they say it takes two to tango, Mylabsplus makes it a little more complicated…

6. The time you got an A

You were walking to class one day and all of a sudden, the most annoying sound possible began echoing through your headphones. You held them up to your ear and there was only one explanation: Mylabsplus was broken! You had enough time left in class for the professor to tell you about a solution (hint: it involves turning off your phone), but when you returned to the library, Mylabsplus wasn’t working again. The only choice you had was to turn off your phone and try again during your free period. And when that didn’t work, trying it out later that same afternoon. Eventually you got it to work again and you were able to finish your studying for the day with an A! You should be proud.

7. The time when everything went perfectly (for once!)

It was midterms week and only a few hours remained before class started. You had been assigned to use Mylabsplus for all of your assignments, so you had plenty of time to study. The problem was, as soon as you turned on the software, it froze and wouldn’t let you open any of the lectures or quizzes (even though earlier that week they worked perfectly fine).


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