9 Innovative Ideas to Make Your Home More Comfortable for Your Guests.


All of us dream to have a home that can be great for us and our guests. While designing a new home, most of you think about your comfort and forget how to make your living room comfortable for your guests. Like other rooms and parts of your home, you should pay attention to make the living room a perfect one that can give an awe feeling to your guests. Here are some clever ideas that can help you to have an ideal living room:

1. Start working from the entrance

The entrance of your house is the first thing, which can make your guests assume the look of your home inside. So, invest a little more time in decorating the entryway of your abode. Make it sure that the entrance can leave positive impacts on your home visitors. And for this, you can install bright light, place custom mats, hang artwork, and place a nice mirror.

2. Place comfortable bed in the living room

You sleep well when you feel relaxed. Such relaxation comes from a soft bed. It applies to all persons of this world. So, make sure that the bed you have installed or going to install is soft and comfortable. You can have a high-quality air mattress if you find yourself unable to place a new/used comfortable bed in the drawing room. Air mattresses are really great one that you can place on a box, over a sofa, or even on the floor. Your guests will like having such a comfortable bed to sleep.

3. Keep your living room organized

A guest room is excellent when it is well-organised. To make your guests feel at home in your living room, you need to place everything at the right place. For organizing things, think of having cupboards, wall shelves, and furniture pieces in your living room. By organizing things, you can enhance free movement and enable your guests to find the requisite things faster. They can easily get the things that they are searching for, the item could be a newspaper, or magazine. 

4. Ensure to have extra fabrics and linens

For your guests, try to have an additional set of beds, towels, and allied things. Anything can happen when your living room is accommodating your guests. You may have guests who love changing clothes frequently and bedsheets as they leave your drawing-room. To make them feel at home, you can opt for placing extra fabrics or linens.

5. Make your living room for a suitcase

A guest comes with his/her luggage. Placing their bag/suitcase in another room or parts of your home can create issues for your guests. They will call you again & again when they need to take out something from their suitcase. Instead of taking your guest’s bag somewhere else, try to keep it in the drawing-room. You can place a small to a medium-sized table that your guest can use for placing his/her luggage. Such an arrangement makes their access to their essentials more comfortable for them.

6. Ensure easy to access to seating

The seating arrangement should be easy to access in any room of your home. It is vital when it belongs to the living room. Placing a sofa close to the bed of the living room will be great, as it makes easy access for your guest. Avoid placing too many things between the bed and the sofa of your drawing room, as it can create hassle to move there.

7. Brighten the things

Any compromise in lighting can ruin the efforts you made in making your living room. With control over light close to the bed, you can escape your guests from staging in the dark to switch on the light. You can place a table lamp near the bed to make an easier reading light. With such a light arrangement, you can facilitate your guest to easily switch on or off the light as per the requirements.

8. Do not forget placing basic things

Everyone loves to have easy access to their essentials and expects the same to be close to their bed. Whether it is waking up at a fixed time in the morning or finding toothpaste, ensure the availability of all the basic things, such as an alarm clock, pen, papers, tissue papers, hairdryer, and a set of towels.

9. Provide a set of keys

In general, you close the primary entrance of your abode before you go to bed at night. Your guests will hesitate to make you awake to open the doors for their morning walk. Think of placing a set of keys close to the sofa or table that is opposite the bed of your living room.


The list of new home design ideas to make guests feel at home in the living room can be longer. Simply, your living room should contain all the requisite settings to make your guests independent and feel at home in their daily activities while being at your home.


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