Daniel Pearl murder case: Omar Sheikh’s acquittal by Pakistan SC ‘travesty of justice’, says India

Daniel Pearl murder case
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New Delhi: India on Thursday pointedly responded to Pakistan Supreme Court absolving Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheik, the fundamental blamed in the killing for American columnist Daniel Pearl in 2002, calling it “crime of equity”. Service of External Affairs (MEA) representative Anurag Srivastava featured the “low conviction rate in Pakistan” with regards to condemning of fear charged.

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He said, “This case really shows Pakistan’s resolved to making a move on the dread front. It is a tragedy of equity not to see Omar Saeed as liable of any charges in this appalling demonstration of fear.”

Saeed was vindicated by Sindh High Court, however the case was put on allure, which was excused by Pakistani Supreme Court. Two out of the three appointed authorities on the seat headed by Justice Mushir Alam decided for maintaining the Sindh High Court decision.

India while responding to the improvement called for Islamabad to take “maintained, undeniable, valid and irreversible activity” against psychological warfare and fear monger subsidizing “exuding from all region under its influence stay unaltered”.

Sheik was one of the psychological oppressors delivered when in the notorious Indian carriers plane IC 814 seizing instance of 1999. A Pakistani British public, he was during the 1990s captured by India for hijacking western vacationers.

The mother and father of Daniel Pearl, Ruth and Judea Pearl likewise emphatically responded to the turn of events, saying the “arrival of these executioners places in peril columnists all over and the individuals of Pakistan”, encouraging US government to take all “fundamental activities under the law to address this shamefulness”.

Unexpectedly, after the 26/11 dread assaults, Omar Sheik professed to be the then Indian unfamiliar priest late Pranab Mukherjee and made a deception called to then Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari prompting the nation being put on high ready. He did as such while being in prison, utilizing UK sims.


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