Debunking the top cannabis myths


The Farm Bill of 2018 has led to an explosion of growth in the use of medically prescribed cannabis and individual cannabidiol, or CBD use. Because of a long history of negative connotations around cannabis products, there is still a great deal of misinformation around these products. However, modern dispensaries and support from the medical community are changing those negative attitudes.

Concerns About Getting High

The chemical in cannabis that creates a high or sense of euphoric disconnection is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. For shoppers who have seen CBD products on the market for therapeutic use, concerns about getting high may have limited their interest.

Both CBD and THC act on the cannabinoid receptors in the brains and nervous systems of animals. However, they bind to these receptors differently. While THC creates disconnection, most CBD users find that the product creates a sense of calm.

Medical Cannabis is Just a Sleeping Aid

Medical cannabis can be used to address several health problems, mood disorders, and even addictions to more toxic substances. For those who struggle with pain and can’t sleep, CBD products can make it easier to fall asleep. 

Taking a dropper of CBD oil under the tongue and pairing it with an edible gummie can extend these benefits, as the gummie has to be digested to provide benefits.

CBD can also be micro-dosed to:

  • reduce the impact of nerve pain
  • shut down anxious thoughts and provide focus
  • reduce inflammation throughout the body

Because CBD can be bought without a prescription, the burden is on the buyer to choose quality products. If you are in the US, lean on the professionals of your local Seattle or Massachusetts dispensaries for information on third-party testing to make sure that the properties on the label are accurate and the product is pure. Get a journal and track your dosage and results over time to ensure you are using the best product for your condition.

I Have to Smoke Cannabis to Get Results

Medical cannabis can be consumed in several ways. You can use this product

  • in a vaporizer
  • under the tongue, suspended in oil
  • as a topical lotion or cream
  • as a topical roll-on over a healing scar
  • as an edible
  • in a capsule
  • in an isolate powder

Because THC use can be legally challenging, you may want to start with a CBD isolate powder that can be mixed into smoothies and food. While CBD isolate doesn’t give you the chance to enjoy the entourage effect, you may be able to get benefits from this pure CBD product.

When looking for medical cannabis products, take care to avoid crossover use. The oil that works in a drop under your tongue will not work in your vaping tool as the burning point is too low. The vaping liquid that goes into your vaping cartridge cannot go under your tongue as the alcohol content is too high. Just as you would never ingest a CBD lotion or cream, you must never exchange liquids from one application to another.

Medical Cannabis Will Make Me A Pot-Head

There are many folks who have privately used marijuana for years and functioned well. The research on this product is currently in a very early stage, which means that you will need to track your own

  • dosage
  • reaction over time
  • ultimate benefits

If you have a skin condition and are encouraged to try a cannabis cream, run a personal experiment to see what happens over time. Take a photo of the condition on day 1 and repeat once a week while using the cream consistently as directed. If you are using cannabis lotion for joint pain, track your pain level prior to the application and then monitor it hourly after applying the product.

Best of all, if you need to use medical cannabis for pain, you will be delighted to know that you won’t build up a tolerance for this product. Over time, you may be able to reduce your dosage.

Cannabis is coming out of the shadows. The benefits are becoming more evident as more people get relief from their conditions. Visit a quality dispensary and discuss your concerns with the staff. Track your usage and results to build a healthy dosing program for your body.


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