error [6]: [error_application_unable_to_close_inputs][0x0]. occurred:


There was an error creating an input object.

This means that the input window wasn’t fully created and there was a problem with the mouse or keyboard that caused the window to be closed. Because the input window is meant to be a lightweight interface for users to edit, you can easily create an input that doesn’t require any clicks or keystrokes, so long as you have a valid keyboard.

The main reason I suggest getting started with the game is that it has a lot of options to try and make your content seem more interesting. In this case, the main reason I suggest getting started is that you’ll never be able to get it to work (ie. that you don’t have the control over the browser to get it to work), so it needs to be done in a new way.

One of those ways is to use the “save” function. This is a button in the browser that, instead of saving your current input as a URL, saves any input that you have created into a file that the game can read and display.

As you can see in the images, the way I was trying to get this to work was by trying to use a URL that the browser had saved as a bookmark. This way, when I used the save function, I was actually saving the URL inside the browser and letting the game read it from memory, which was kind of confusing.

I ended up using a very simple trick by which the game would store the URL that you just created inside the browser. I was able to open a file in the browser by typing the URL right inside the browser, then clicking the “Save” button. This was a very simple way of accomplishing what I wanted to do, and one that will save some typing for the next time I need to do this.

The error message says this code is not responding to your request. It seems like the request has been rejected. The code was actually working fine until I finally got it to work.


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