How to buy a men’s straw sun hat online?


Today, most people are aware of the relevance of applying sunscreen while stepping outside. It applies to men as well. However, have you thought of wearing a hat as well? Besides adding to your style statement, the mens straw sun hats also enable men to protect their heads and skin from the sun’s harsh and damaging UV rays. 

It’s a brilliant idea to apply sunscreen and wear a straw sun hat when you are out in the sun. Most certified dermatologists recommend the same. The expansive sun hats can block the ultraviolet rays from the skin and offer sun protection that doesn’t wear off. It will help if you reapply your sunscreen every two hours, as, after that, the protection wanes off. But that’s not the case with the straw sun hats. 

The American Academy of Dermatology says that wearing a sun-protective clothing or accessory, such as a straw sun hat, can help men from averting the chances of getting skin cancer. The squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas that contribute to more than 90% of skin cancer usually appear on the neck and head. And a wide straw sun hat can help men to cover these areas when they are out in the sun. 

Shopping for your straw sun hat online

Today, you will come across several online hat makers that provide you the best straw sun hat. You need to research the hat makers and then select the best one from the list. However, if you are all set to get yourself the best straw sun hat, here are a few points that you must consider:

1. Make sure to go wide

Not every straw sun hat gets created equally. Usually, there is a need to place a four-inch brim around the full hat circumference to protect the wearer’s ears, neck, and eyes. Men can also wear a visor for sun protection. However, in that case, the brim should be very wide and must wrap around the head. You should also try and move away from baseball caps unless it comes with a drape. It’s not sufficient to have an ordinary baseball cap. These caps get designed to keep the sun rays away from your eyes but might not work well to secure your skin. Hence, it would help if you focused on a wide straw sun hat. 

2. Consider the color

You need to opt-in for hats that come with a dark-colored and tightly woven fabric in terms of material. Here you can choose a dark-colored straw sun hat that can shield you from the harsh UV rays. Do you want to assess the hat’s fabric coverage? If yes, you can shine a flashlight through the hat to check which regions get shade and the exposed ones. Just in case you can see through the hat fabric, the chances are that the UV radiation will reach your skin. 

3. Make sure to scan the label

Many straw sun hats get designed with in-built UV protection. And that will make your shopping slightly easier. You should undoubtedly opt-in for hats that come with an ultraviolet protection factor of at least 30 or more. The UPF aspect stands for the amount of UV ration, which includes UVA and UVB rays that a fabric allows to get to your skin. If you want to get the seal from the Skin Cancer Foundation, you should choose a fabric with a UPF of 30. If you select a fabric that marks between UPF 30 and 49, it means you can have good protection. And just in case it shows UPF 50+, it indicates that you have excellent sun protection. 

4. Check the experience of the hat maker

You must check the expertise and experience of the online hat maker. For this, you need to go through the website and check the types of straw sun hats they specialize in. It will help you to assess whether they can cater to your requirements or not. Also, you need to know-how has the online hat maker catered to other customers. For this, you can check the various customer reviews and testimonials. At times, you can find it on the website, and at times you might have to make a google search. These reviews will let you know what other customers feel about the brand, enabling you to make an informed decision. 

So, are you ready to get your perfect summer straw sun hat? If yes, then today, you have a vast category to select from. Every online hat maker will present to you with their diverse collection. Hence, you can take your time to browse through the archives and gallery and choose the hat that caters to your style preference, occasion, requirement, and budget capacity. 


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