Interesting Things About Who’s Wendy Jokes


Who is wendy joke are a type of joke which gained popularity on the app “snapchat” in 2017. They are photoshopped pictures of people’s heads added onto the body of a woman named Wendy, who apparently really likes laughing at these jokes. You may have heard some people say that their name is Wendy. And you might not be excited to hear the punchline to a new joke making a round on social media. But don’t let the jokes stop you! 

There are interesting things about Wendy’s Jokes and there are ways to overcome them. You will also learn why people can get so upset over being called Wendy, and what to do if this happens to you. In this article, we’ll explore the act of bullying someone by calling them “Wendy” or with “Wendy jokes.

Interesting Things About Who’s Wendy Jokes :

1. They Can Be Sexual In Nature .

There are a lot of Wendy jokes that are sexual in nature. It involves the last name Wendy and makes you a “Wendy” when you hear it. This is because the jokes have to do with a woman named Wendy who LOVES being called by her last name. So she is always ready to laugh when someone says “wendy”. 

For example, the most common one is if your name was Wendy, there would always be two sides to it. If someone were to say ‘wendy’ and someone responded with another word that starts with ‘w’, like walking or water, that person would be called a ‘wendy hater’. But if the person goes with ‘walk’ the person would be called a “wendy hater”.

2. They Can Be Sent from Advertisers .

There are also lots of Wendy jokes that were sent from advertisers. These were not sent to anyone, but rather brands wanted to make a joke about it in their ads. This is because they want people to try out the product they are advertising, whether it be clothes or a toothbrush or whatever. The reason is that it’s fun and people will laugh at the fact that they are being advertised to. If you see one pop up on your feed, check the source it’s probably been sent by an advertiser.

3. It Is The Same Title For A TV Series .

Some people may have heard the joke and think that it was an episode title. That’s because there is a television show called “Who’s On Call”. This show is based on a group of friends who try to help find their friend a date. The jokes are basically saying that the show should be called “Who’s Wendy” because of how many jokes are made about it. Now, we’re sure you’ve seen some episodes, so you know that this isn’t true. But it’s still funny to make jokes like that every now and then!

4. People Feel Like They’re Being Bullied .

People have reported that they feel like they’re being bullied when someone calls them “wendy”. This is because everyone has a different opinion on who Wendy is. Some people see her as a sweet lady who makes funny pictures and some see her as someone they want to threaten with their phone. But understand that people don’t mean to hurt you, but it’s hard to respond when you don’t know the person calling you Wendy and why they are doing it. A good rule of thumb is to ignore the call or ask why they are calling you Wendy.

5. They Can Be Either Mean Or Nice .

So we have talked about how they can be used to bully someone. But what happens when they are being called by their name instead of Wendy? Well, the process is pretty simple. The person calling them by their name says something nice and funny. They compliment the person and make them feel better about themselves. This is a great way to make friends, because you don’t want to insult anyone or call them names! Just try saying “nice outfit” or “that’s a great joke” whenever you see someone wearing an outfit or making a joke.

6. People Made Their Own Wendy Jokes .

So we have talked about a lot of the Wendy jokes that have been floating around. But what happens when people make their own? Well, then you get some really funny jokes that are not only original but also don’t do any harm to anyone! Step to those who are making mean wendy jokes and instead make your own funny and kind ones! Just use the last name “Wendy” in a creative way and you’ll come up with something great! The best part is that it lets you express your personality and be creative without doing anything rude or mean.

7. They Can Be Found In A Variety Of Places .

So we have talked about how they can be sent by advertisers or how they can be used to make someone feel bad. But what if you wanted to see what a Wendy is? Well, there are lots of places online where you can find information on who’s wendy! Check out the app store for some funny videos, or go to twitter for some great jokes. The best part is that you’ll get a chance to check them out yourself and see why everyone loves the Wendy Jokes so much!


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