Is Social Life Important?

Group of cheerful diverse friends in the park

Social life is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s lives. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone needs to interact with other people. And, if done right, social life will bring happiness and success

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However, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. My goal is to share with you the right ways so you can experience the best social life. 

1. It’s important to understand that social life is not easy. 

Socializing requires effort and time. For the most part, it’s not something that happens naturally like breathing. It requires a conscious effort from you. 

It requires hard work because if you’re going out, people are judging you based on your appearance, what you say and how you act. 

And that’s just for starters. You have to provide the spark of conversation, be the center of attention and impress everyone else around you so they’ll want to be around you a lot longer than a few drinks at a bar or a party or one night stand. 

2. It’s important to understand that social life is not for everyone. 

There’s some social activities that make your skin crawl like eating live octopuses, watching sharks eat live crabs and killing small animals with your bare hands at a carnival. 

However, there are some social activities that make you cringe like getting picked up at a bar, spending hours talking to someone who doesn’t give the slightest bit of interest in you and traveling around like you’re doing something important (which isn’t). 

3. It’s important to understand that social life is not an investment. 

If you’re not too old or too rich, you don’t want to invest in social life. Social life is high risk so if the only way to get people to like you is by giving them money or paying for them drinks at a bar, there’s no point in doing so. 

However, if you know what to do and how to do it right, it can be quite profitable. You can make friends with influential people that can help your career or business grow. You can also make lots of friends that will keep coming back for more. 

4. It’s important to understand that social life is not about being unique.

This is one of the easiest points to understand. There are lots of people that are unique so there are lots of unique people. 

But, there are no unique things so you don’t have to be one of those people who wants everyone to know about them so they can tell their friends about them. 

However, if you want to stand out from the rest, this is the best way: make sure you always give genuine and real compliments and make it easy for everyone else around you not to compliment you instead (by giving good advice and setting good examples). 

5. It’s important to understand that social life is not about being in control. 

People love to have fun. They love to have a good time. And when you’re in charge of the situation, it’s easy for them to have fun. You can do this by doing things that are simple, easy and playful. 

However, if you’re in control all the time, people will find it hard to have fun because they’ll be worrying about you being unhappy if they do something wrong or not up to your standards. 

So, don’t be in control all the time just most of the time and then leave some room for everyone else so they can feel free and happy too. 

6. It’s important to understand that social life is not about what you do. 

A lot of people see social life as all about doing the right things like the right clubs, the right bars, the right parties, the right restaurants and so on. 

They think picking the “right” things is what will help them get their social life off to a great start. But, this isn’t true because everyone’s idea of what’s “right” is different so it becomes quite difficult to pick something that works for everyone when there are hundreds of options out there. 

The right way to get your social life off to a good start is to do the wrong things. This is because doing the wrong thing will get you more attention from everyone else. 

They’ll want to ask you about what you’re doing there, they’ll want to know why you’re doing it and if it’s worth trying out for themselves. 


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