The 9 Biggest Law Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid


Don’t be like this guy. No one likes to watch a courtroom show on TV with someone making all the wrong moves and uf law symplicity. Too many people, though, disregard legal advice and get into trouble as a result. It just makes sense to read the law before you make big decisions that can affect your life for years to come.

The first big decision you make that can affect your future is when and how to file your lawsuit. You will want to weigh all the possible options before making a final decision, and that means reading the law.

1.The Wrong Info From a Lawyer

Our friend in the story above asked his lawyer to look up some of the laws on his behalf. He assumed the lawyer would get all the information he needed from him, but this never happened. A person who assumes too much (or nothing at all) from a lawyer or who does not do his research is making a huge mistake in life – one that may actually cost him or her a fortune down the road.

2.The 10-Day Deadline to File a Lawsuit

In California, you only have 10 days to file a lawsuit. Yes, it’s true that you can file an appeal after a case is decided and even if the case has gone on for years, but this law is definitely something you want to know about. You must receive appropriate information about deadlines and the like right away when initiating a lawsuit.

3.The Accidental Service of Process

Service of process is very important because this step actually tells the opposing party you are suing them and that they have 10 days to respond accordingly. If “process” is not served correctly or in time, however, your case may be dismissed by default . Sometimes mistakes are made in this area and might even result in a default judgment being entered against you as well.

4.The Filing of Medi-Scrip

Maintaining your health coverage through Medicare is important but it’s a science that can be confusing. The law, in fact, requires all nursing home plans to provide you with Medi-Scrip. When you file a lawsuit for medical expenses, you need to take care to file it in the right place so it will be processed in the right manner. The wrong type of filing can lead to your medical bills not being paid or they will be paid way too late by the court system.

5.A Defective Lawyer

A lawyer with a defective personality can cause problems with the court and his or her opposing party. If you have someone representing you who is not a malignant person, then you can rest assured that he or she will make sure that your case moves forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

6.The Wrong Attorneys

You are facing serious personal injury charges and being sued by the other party, so it’s very important to choose the best attorney. The wrong choice of lawyer can lead to a lengthy amount of time in court, may not be able to represent you very well at all, or may even be just not worth pursuing for quick results.

7.The Filing of Wrong Documents

The right filing documents are very important. They will determine how your case will be heard and/or dismissed. Wrong documentation or not meeting filing deadlines can lead to your losing a case or it can make you wait longer than you had to in order for a resolution.

8.Not Taking Legal Advice

If you take legal advice from the wrong sources, then you may have a lawsuit taken away from you early on. The law is the law . If you miss deadlines, then the court may avoid your case all together or even move for its dismissal through default judgment . It’s crucial that citizens understand their rights and what they need to do in order to exercise them properly according to the law.

9.The Wrong Attorney Response

You may have had an attorney look over your file and make a motion to dismiss your case because he or she thinks that it’s unfair to not give you a chance to defend yourself. If you deny the motion and then find out later that your attorney has given up on the case and is making no efforts to pursue it, you might never get the advantages of having the case heard and decided by a judge.

For this reason, being represented by an attorney who is not properly caring for your legal needs can result in losing everything. You need someone who will fight for you in court until all obstacles are removed from your way, even if it means going to trial in front of a judge.

Conclusion of this article:

Reading the law is something a lot of people don’t consider before they make a decision that can affect their lives. If you are ever in need of legal advice or help with any legal issues, then you will want to contact one of these top lawyers.

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