Types Of Drug Tests And Delta-8 THC Detection


Given that Delta-8 has been experiencing increased use, people are now wondering if it will show in drug tests. Delta-8 THC, also touted as different from Delta-9 THC in marijuana, has attracted public interest because of its mild psychoactivity. But if you undergo a drug test at the workplace, on a sports team, or owing to any legal matters, you may ask, “does delta 8 show up on drug tests?” 

Read on to learn the different types of drug tests and how they work spotting Delta 8 THC.

Urine Tests

The most popular testing technique is through a urine sample since it is the most common in workplaces and legal processes. These tests show the concentration of certain Metabolites produced by the metabolism of substances once they have been taken in by the body. Many metabolites formed in the human body by delta-8 THC and delta-9 THC contain the same chemical elements. 

Consequently, for example, if you interrogate, “does delta 8 show up on drug tests?” The response will frequently be yes for urine tests. The test cannot differentiate between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC metabolites and thus can give a positive reading if both are present.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are not as frequent as urine tests but are employed when the situation requires it, for instance, in accident cases or in checking on suspected drunk drivers. Compared to other procedures, blood tests indicate the amount of substances active in the bloodstream during testing. Duration of detection of Delta-8 THC in blood is generally lower as compared to detection in urine substances.

Although Delta-8 THC can get into your blood shortly after the use of products that contain it, it is only excreted in a few hours to a couple of days. Thus, if you are concerned about whether Delta-8 will appear on the drug test, the second method, blood tests, might not test for it if you had used it several hours before the test.

Saliva Tests

Saliva tests are becoming popular largely due to their throughput and nonsurgical nature. Some of these exams identify the substances in the saliva and, as such, would show any recent drug consumption. Same as blood, the Delta-8 THC is barely noticed in saliva with a relatively short detection period. Generally, testing positive for Delta-8 THC in saliva samples can be as long as 48 hours after administration. 

If you have a question, does delta 8 show up on drug tests? A recent use of this compound can easily be identified through a saliva test, though the same cannot be said of other tests if there is a gap between the consumption and the test.

Hair Tests

Less frequently used are hair tests; however, they have a wider detection period of 90 days in some cases. These tests seek to identify Drug metabolites in the hair sample, which provide a history of substance abuse. Therefore, it is detectable, especially after a long time. 

More on that, if you ask, “does delta 8 show up on drug tests?” Hair tests are one of the most extensive since they can identify Delta-8 THC consumption for several months.


Knowing the kind of test to be used whilst answering the question, “does delta 8 show up on drug tests?” is crucial, as well as the detection windows. The most frequently used and the most likely to show the presence of Delta-8 THC are urine tests since the metabolites of both substances are similar. 


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