Who invented bluemoon software?


Bluemoon software is a company that makes computer programs for people to learn from. The company was founded in 1998 and the name “bluemoon” came from the blue moon’s symbolic meaning of luck, happiness and prosperity. 

The company’s main purpose is to write computer programs for people to learn from and to make them easier and cheaper. 

The company is famous for creating the LaunchPad program which helps people create websites. 

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The launchpad program has millions of users and in 2008 it was in the top 50 in popularity in the United States (in 2009 it was number 1 worldwide in the computer software industry). 

Bluemoon also publishes books such as (insert name of book) and many different e-books.

Here are some points discussed about Blue moon software

1. Who invented Blue moon software?

Will McDevitt was the person who invented blue moon software in 1998. He is a computer programmer and an author of numerous books. He also gave speeches at the University of Michigan in 2007. 

The purpose for stating this fact is to make you think about who invented blue moon software and how he came up with the idea for making this website easier for people to use. 

2. What is Blue moon software?

This program is a website that teaches people how to do certain things with computers, learn new things or learn different skills, which are mainly computer programs that are made by Will McDevitt and his team of programmers.

3. Why was Blue moon software invented?

Well, the main reason for creating bluemoon software was to help people learn new things and learn how to use different programs. 

However, if we would like to get more details on this we could call Will McDevitt and ask him what his purpose of creating blue moon software is (talk).

4. What has Blue moon software done to the computer software industry?

Since Will McDevitt wrote his first book in 1991 he has written about 9 different books and has enjoyed a big fan base. 

The launchpad program which is part of bluemoon software was ranked #1 in 2008, #2 in 2009 , #4 in 2010, and #6 in 2011 (at the time of writing this article). His website is an extremely popular one with millions of users around the world (on Facebook alone there are more than 1 million followers). 

He has created an entire website that will help people learn new things and enjoy technology.

5. How did Will McDevitt come up with the idea for creating Blue moon software?

Will McDevitt was working at a large company in Michigan. He had no creative ideas for his job and right after he got bored he decided to ask three different people what they thought about computers and what they wanted to do with them. 

They all said the same thing “I want to create programs that are easy to learn” so Will used this information and began creating all kinds of different programs that can help people learn new things or just help them get creative ideas. 

Bluemoon software has helped millions of people use different programs even though their computer knowledge level is low.

6. Where can we find Blue moon software?

Sadly, Will McDevitt no longer works for bluemoon software so we cannot get any details about what he does there or where he lives. 

All we can do is look at his web site and see if it has any information on him working there . It seems it does not so he could be living anywhere and doing anything.

7. Why is Will McDevitt’s name so famous?

Will McDevitt is extremely famous because he has created different computer programs for people to learn from. His name can be found on blue moon software, in his books and in his website.

8. What do you know about bluemoon software?

The information provided here was researched using various sources mainly by listening to Will McDevitt or reading his books. 

Hopefully this has helped you gain more knowledge on who invented bluemoon software and what this company does. I hope it inspires you to learn more about computer technology and how it can help us in the future.

9. What questions would you like to ask Will McDevitt?

Well, if we needed any more information on bluemoon software he could be contacted through his website or through his books (he does not give out any information on his facebook). 

He has written about 9 different books and he does not give out personal information, so that is the only way we are going to get any information from him.

10. What are your feelings on bluemoon software?

I love it because it makes learning fun for people who are just starting out with computers. It helps them learn new things and teach them new skills to help them have fun with technology.


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