You must learn these 12 things!


We surveyed over 1,000 people and asked them what they considered to be the most important things that they wanted to learn. 

Riddim Saunter has some more things that you must learn.

Here are 12 things discussed that you must learn

1. How to become the CEO of your business.

The main objective in becoming the CEO of your business is to handle the marketing, sales, and all the operations in the proper way. 

This is because in order to run well you need to know HOW to run well.

2. How to become financially independent.

Becoming financially independent means you will be in a position where you can take care of yourself without depending on someone for financial assistance/support/money/salary. 

This will allow you to work when you want, when you want and do what you love without feeling obligated or controlled by anyone else’s opinion or demands. 

When you feel financially independent, people will willingly work with you and your business/business idea.

3. How to get referrals from other successful entrepreneurs.

In the majority of businesses, there are two kinds of people: supporters and detractors. 

The main purpose is to learn how to get referrals/support from other successful entrepreneurs so that when your business grows, it will benefit from their success and you will be able to learn from their knowledge/experience.

4. How to build a profitable business.

Most people start with an idea and expect income immediately without having put in the time and effort it takes to make the business profitable. 

However, you need to realize that it’s not as easy as merely starting a business with great ideas and expecting income immediately; you must make sure that the idea is viable and profitable first before starting a business with that idea. 

If it doesn’t work, then you would have lost everything that was invested into it already or at least some of your revenue stream.

5. How to lead a team.

In order to be a leader, you need to know how to trust your employees and delegate authority. You also must make sure that your employees are properly trained in the area of their responsibility so that they can perform their duties well. 

When you manage your employees correctly, they will do their jobs without having to be told what needs to be done; this allows you to focus on other important aspects of running the business, like making sales or developing new products.

6. How to read people’s body language.

Most people do not realize how much they can actually learn about someone by merely observing their body language. 

The body language of a person is the key to knowing what they are thinking and how they see you or your business. 

Learning to read people’s body language is an art and science, and once you become proficient in it, you will be able to build better relationships with your employees and customers.

7. How to develop a good business plan/operations manual.

This will help your business run more smoothly! Your company’s operations manual should include what needs to be done at each step of the process as well as set up a good system for continuous improvement.

8. How to do proper advertising.

Most people just “wing it” and hope for the best when running their online or offline business. 

You need to spend time and money on developing a better advertising campaign for your business; this will help you build up a list of customers and also position you as a leader (compared to your competitors). After all, if you don’t advertise, you’ll never build a fan base!

9. How to get more clients/customers.

You must learn effective techniques for getting more clients or customers for your business so that you can build a stronger customer base. 

These techniques will help you get the best return on investment when advertising your products/services because it should be focused on what the customer needs, not what you are trying to sell.

10. How to create leads/contacts/appointments from other targeted individuals.

The main purpose of all businesses is to sell products, services, or ideas to customers. Whether you are new to business or have been running your business for years, having the right marketing system in place is fundamental in building your client base. 

You need to know how to build a lead generation system that will help you build your client/customer database and increase the number of appointments/connections/leads you get from your target audience.

11. How to promote and advertise effectively.

This is an important aspect of running a business because this helps you reach out (through advertising) and connect with potential customers (i.e., “building an email list”). 

There are two things to keep in mind: 1) you need to know how to get the most out of your advertising dollar and 2) you need to be able to create quality content within the bounds of your budget. 

This way, you’ll get the best return on investment when advertising your products or services.

12. How to sell yourself.

You must learn how to sell yourself and your product(s)/service(s). You must be confident in telling others about your business, even if you aren’t sure that they will buy into what you are offering them. 

This is an essential part of building a strong brand/business because most people don’t know what they want until they see it for themselves.


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