10 Incredible Artificial Intelligence Products


Intelligent machines have been around for some time, and today are a main focus of research.

Though AI-like essentials of health policy and law 3rd edition pdf  has existed for decades, the tools we use to interact with machines are still limited. Millions of people appreciate AI products that make our day more productive and pleasurable. With these 10 incredible artificial intelligence products, you could be one of them! 

1. Chatbots:

Chatbot is a computer program used for conversation via auditory or textual methods. It can replace a human being on any communications platform. The first implemented chatbot was ELIZA in 1964, which mimicked an informal conversation with the user. Many people got scared of this technology because it seemed as if the machine would take over the world, but today there are thousands of chatbots that can be used to make our lives easier (or more fun).

This article describes some of the available chatbots. Some allow you to order food or book a flight ticket, others you may actually have on your phone and interact with every day without even knowing it! 

2. E-commerce:

E-commerce has been around for ages, and it is continuing to grow rapidly. Online stores have great advantages such as better flexibility, a wider audience and smaller costs. It’s no wonder that the number of online stores keeps growing every day. The next time you’re buying something online, think about how many businesses you support with your purchases!

3. Shopping assistants:

Shopping assistants are programs designed to help you find new products or compare prices when shopping online or offline. For example, Google Search offers ‘Shop the Look’ which compares the products found in its images with those sold by various shops and even gives you the option to buy them quickly!

4. Voice assistants:

For as long as we can remember, computers have talked to us using text. Today, however, we can communicate with our devices using our voices. Sounds really cool right? The first implemented system was Siri in 2011 and was followed by similar systems like Google Now and Cortana in 2012. With the development of voice recognition technology, more consumers are eager to start a conversation with their laptops and phones!

5. Digital assistants:

Digital assistants are already being used by many companies today. They are programs that directly serve the consumer by collecting information from the internet or from other data sources on the device itself (GPS for example). Examples of digital assistants include Siri , Google Now , Cortana and Amazon Echo .

6. Virtual reality:

Virtual reality is quite recent, but it could soon become an essential tool in our lives. From video games to films, virtual reality has already been used in several industries. A few years ago, Facebook paid $2 billion to acquire Oculus Rift , a VR company that has made the world take notice of VR technology.

7. Personal assistants:

Personal assistants are a kind of AI product that follows you all the time with your smartphone and responds to your commands, like a personal assistant! To make this possible, some AI companies have created smart clothing such as Google’s Project Jacquard . The project allows Google Smart Shirt to control our smartphone by waving its arms over it (or by just thinking about it). Who wouldn’t want a personal assistant like this?!

8. Smart home:

The smart home is another great product of artificial intelligence that allows you to control your devices and appliances with a simple voice command or a touch on your phone screen.

9. Smart vehicles:

This product could save many lives in the future and make driving safer and more functional, which is why it’s on our list of 10 incredible artificial intelligence products. Imagine having your own personal chauffeur at all times, guiding you through the city! This product already exists and has been implemented by some major car manufacturers such as Audi , BMW and Nissan . 

10. Smart devices:

Smart homes are also a form of artificial intelligence. The smart home allows us to control our devices with words or gestures. For example, you only need to say “turn on the lights” and the lights turn on automatically! Some companies are already developing smart devices capable of controlling other devices (such as the voice assistant from Google ). These products could be really helpful in the future!


As you can see, artificial intelligence has made a huge impact on our lives these days. Many of us are already using these products and we couldn’t imagine our life without them. Some of these products even have voice assistants that can help us perform our daily activities without even having to think about it! With these 10 incredible products of artificial intelligence, you may be one of the millions that don’t see the benefits yet. When reading this article, you may have thought about if this technology will affect our jobs for good. It’s hard to imagine that machines could replace humans completely. However, intelligent machines are just improving and advancing their skills every day, making them better than us as well.


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