6 Washing Tips for Your Running Fleece


Fleece is a comfortable, water-resistant, and warm fabric often used for making winter clothes. This fabric is usually harvested from wool-bearing animals like sheep. The market also features synthetic fleece, which is generally combined with synthetic fabrics like polyester. Fleece is also often used for making running or sportswear. Fleece is also commonly used for making hiking outfit, camping outfit, and outdoor footwear. While this material is popular and beneficial, there are often questions about how to wash fleece, especially running fleece, as it is exposed to a lot of dirt and germs. 

Tips for washing running fleece

The following are some incredible tips for washing your fleece running wear:

1. Start by spot-treating any visible stains

The first thing you should do before washing your running fleece is to take care of any visible spots. It would be wise to inspect your fleece clothing article properly so you can identify all stains. Once you have done this, you can start eliminating the spots. Here, you will need to apply the stain-removing treatment. Ensure to get all the stains before proceeding to the next steps of washing. 

2. Turn your running fleece inside out when washing

Another essential tip for washing your running fleece, whether it is zip fleece or not, is to turn it inside-out. This is especially essential if you plan to wash your fleece in a washing machine. Doing this will help ensure the durability of your clothing by maintaining its appearance. Also, turning your fleece inside out will eliminate any dye bleeding, protect the visible sides of your fleece from detergent, and prevent stains on exposed layers of your running fleece. Additionally, turning your running fleece inside out will allow you to wash the inner parts thoroughly. Note that the inner parts are usually exposed to sweat and germs on your skin. Finally, since fleece is prone to pilling, turning it inside out will prevent the threads from catching. 

3. Always use cold water for washing fleece

Whether you decide to wash your running fleece in the washing machine or by hand, it would be wise to use cold water. Using cold water is essential because it will result in less shrinkage. Using cold water to wash the fleece will also help keep it looking good and new for longer. In simpler terms, it will help maintain its quality for longer. Additionally, using hot water to wash fleece will cause any stains that you missed to set on the material permanently. It is also worth noting that fleece is very sensitive to heat. When it is exposed to heat, it tends to pill. Therefore, when washing your running fleece, in addition to using cold water, you may also want to avoid the hot dryer. 

4. Use mild detergent 

Another helpful tip for washing your running fleece is to use mild detergents. Doing this will help minimize damage to the fabric. This tip applies when you are washing fleece in the washing machine or by hand. Additionally, failure to use mild detergent will result in your fleece losing its wear resistance. This is one of the primary and most sought-after qualities of fleece. It is also one of the reasons why it is a suitable material for outerwear. In addition to destroying the look of the fabric, using harsh detergents will also adversely impact the feel of the fleece. 

5. Never use fabric softeners or bleach on your running fleece

When washing fleece, it would be wise never to use any fabric softeners or any form of bleach. This is because these products can reduce the wear resistance of the fabric. They do this by slowly deteriorating the fabric quality. 

6. Do not wash your running fleece with other fabrics

You must also avoid mixing other fabrics into the load when washing your running fleece. This is important because fleece is notorious for picking up lint. Therefore, mixing it with other fabrics would be a terrible idea. 


Note that proper washing of your running fleece will help ensure that it lasts longer. It will also help ensure that the running fleece is hygienic and safe to wear at all times. However, it is worth mentioning that its brand and quality also influence the durability of a running fleece. There are several styles and brands of running fleece, like the quarter fleece or mens ¼ zip running fleece. 


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