10 Reasons to Be Addicted to Vistaprint Jamberry.


What is Vistaprint Jamberry?

Vistaprint Jamberry is an online company specializing in custom nail art. They sell a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs that you can either have sent to you or buy through their website. We’re talking about strips for your nails that are as easy to apply as any other form of sticker and have the same quality.

Use of the card:

-Easy to earn and redeem Jamberry cards

-Convenient, but you cannot purchase more than $100 worth of products in a single month.

Many people have recently been using the Vistaprint Jamberry card to get all their nail need at a discounted price, which is great for anyone who’s looking to save some money.

You can easily apply for one of these cards on the website (https://www.jamberrynails.com/), and you’ll be approved almost instantly—better believe it! Once you’ve received your code, simply use it at checkout and enjoy your discount.

Features of the card:

-Earn up to 80% off your next order

-Free shipping is included with all orders, and the card will pay for itself in no time

-A maximum of $100 worth of purchases can be done in one month (for those who regularly buy more expensive products)

-A maximum of two cards per household

-Choose your own code!

How to use the card?

At checkout, simply type in your code and click on “apply.” This can all be done on their website at https://www.jamberrynails.com/. The only downside of using this card is that you can only use it once per household per month. So if you’re doing everything right and getting the most out of your card, you will have to wait a month before using it again. It’s that simple!

These cards are really making a difference for many people who are struggling financially, or others who just want to save some money while doing something they love (like wearing nail stickers).

Earning points:

When applying for the card, you’ll be asked to enter your previous purchases. This will reveal a couple different points that you can earn through future purchases: from upgrading your shipping information or from completing online surveys (minimum of 10 points per survey). You’re free to choose whichever option you’d like, but know that it’s not necessary to use either one.

Where do you get it?

You can either apply for the card through the website, or you can use your Vistaprint Rewards account. Both of them will give you exactly the same benefits.

Even though this card is a pre-existing thing that we’ve known about for a while now, many people are just discovering it lately and using it more often. It’s an easy way to get all your nail needs at an unbeatable price, so why not give it a shot today?

You should definitely check out the link above if you want to apply for one of these cards. Enjoy your discount!

Cost of the card:

The Jamberry card costs nothing to make or have, since it’s just a system that exists for you to save money.

As for its annual fee, there isn’t one. You’ll never pay anything extra to use this card; it’ll help you save all the time and money possible from now on.


The company has a very secure website and their logo is often featured on both the card’s back and front side.

Mail from Vistaprint is sent from their headquarters, and no one else’s.

As a whole, it’s safe to say that this card is as secure as any other Vistaprint product.

Other facts:

The Jamberry card can only be used within the US, there are no limits or restrictions on how much you can purchase or how many times you can use your card, and you should expect to receive your items in about 5-7 business days. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to save more time and money than ever before with their orders.

At the end of the day, Vistaprint Jamberry cards are a great tool that you should add to your shopping bag.

How can you get an offer?

Earn up to 80% off your next order, free shipping included and no annual fees! The first thing that you should do is refer a friend to Vistaprint. You will receive a $5 credit for each and every person that signs up through your unique link under Services > Vistaprint Card in your account profile. Your friends will also receive $5 added onto their account when they make a purchase (generally speaking)

Book a free appointment with Olive and Ivy or another Vistaprint partner to give your home a makeover. They will also include an in-home consultation and an array of design options for you to choose from. This is a great way to start making that additional money. Complete the survey(s) online, which will earn you points at Vistaprint. You can redeem points for free shipping or design products, or for discounts on your next purchase of Jamberry products. Give up smoking cigarettes, eating sugar, and drinking coffee and sodas in order to prevent disease later in life (this may be more effective because of the high cancer risk associated with smoking and high obesity risk associated with eating sugar).


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