10 Ways to Get More Backlinks for Your Website


Some of the best ways to get your online business noticed is to create backlinks to it. If you want your website or blog to be seen by search engines, the best way for them to notice is for other websites and blogs which are relevant and up-to-date with their content. There are many ways that you can help yourself achieve greater levels of traffic, but one of the most effective methods is backlinking through guest posting.

Here are some ideas listed by The Perez Notes to help you get the best backlinks:

What Is A Backlink and How Do You Start Getting Backlinks To Your Blog?

1. Have a Business Blog

If you want to build a successful online business, the first thing that you should do is create a business blog. You can take advantage of having your own blog if you continually update it with informative and interesting content. Regularly creating quality blogs allows you to pick up search engine rankings, rather than just having one short blog post which doesn’t offer much value.

2. Add Other Blogs to Your Blogroll

Link building is not just about building links from other websites or blogs directly back to your site, but also adding them to your site’s blogroll for further exposure. You can do this by adding relevant blogs about similar topics to your blogroll. If you do this, then other bloggers on those relevant blogs might want to link back to your blog as well.

3. Make Social Media Contacts

Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all great ways of getting your business noticed. You can make contact with other businesses and websites on social media sites which are relevant to your business, and ask them if they could also share links back to your website on their social media sites for further exposure.

4. Add Comments on Relevant Blogs

Websites that accept comments normally place the blog post URL at the bottom of the blog page so people can leave comments on that page. You can leave comments that are relevant to the blog post that you are commenting on. Remember, if your comment is useful and useful to other visitors it will be shared, so make every comment count.

5. Quote Blogs

If you want to get links back to your website, why not quote the source of the content which you found useful? Many blogs will list other blogs by name in their articles, so this is another great way of getting links to your website. If you find articles for which you feel enough current relevance, then by all means send them a link back on Twitter or Facebook or via email to let them know it was good content.

6. Create a Link Page

You can do this on your website or on one of your blogs. You can create a list of links either to all the other relevant websites on some kind of topic, or simply to some other useful websites which are related to some content you have posted. If you want to get the best backlinks for some content, then you need something solid that people will want to link to again and again.

7. Become an Affiliate

You can promote products that are relevant to your business by creating affiliate links for them on your website or blog. This is another easy way of getting links back onto your site without too much effort. If you are running a highly successful online business, by all means go ahead and make affiliate links for some products. If you are not too well known, it is best to let others promote your favorite products on your behalf.

8. Ask for Links

If there are no direct relationships between you and the website or blog that is interested in getting its backlinks from you, then don’t hesitate to contact them directly and ask if they would like to reciprocate the favor by linking back to your website or blog post. Remember that if they don’t link back to you, your site or blog post will just be lost in the crowd of other sites and blogs.

9. Create an Online Resource

If you have created a great piece of content then why not create an online resource that can be used by others? You could then share this resource with other websites and blogs to promote it, and at the same time doing something which will help others. The more links your online resource has, the more links you will get back to your site or blog.

10. Use Guest Posts

This can be another way of getting links back to your website or blog post, but make sure that it is relevant content that people are likely to share with friends – meaning it has to be useful content, not just promotional material for your product or service. Another way to get links is to write a useful guest post on another blog of your choice, and then ask the owner if they could add a link back to your site or blog on their blog.

The more quality links that you create on relevant websites and blogs the more exposure you will get from them.


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