The Story Of Svu Pandora Has Just Gone Viral!


There are many tales of inspiration available for us to read about. Ones that can make us feel like we can accomplish anything, no matter how impossible it might seem. In this post we will take a closer look at one of them. This is the story of Svu pandora, a young woman whose condition seemed so bleak but she made it through by living one day at a time and pushing forward with the help from her family and friends.

Pandora was born on June 17th, 1985 in Goiânia, Brazil. At the time of her birth she was one of the most severely deformed children ever to be born. The parents, who had no idea that their baby girl would one day be as beautiful and perfect as she is now, took her to a nearby hospital. 

The Story Of Svu Pandora Has Just Gone Viral :

1. Svu Pandora At The Age Of Two

When Svu Pandora was two years old, a hospital in the United States saw her picture and was touched by her story. They decided to offer help and invited the family to travel to their facility in Knoxville, Tennessee. In this way they would be able to obtain the treatment that their daughter so desperately needed. As a result of this new development they were able to take their daughter home without worries as the hospital staff had promised that they would do everything within their power to get her back on her feet and walking.

Treatment was going well for some time but it soon became apparent that continuous medical attention would be needed long after the family had returned home. As a result of this, they were told their daughter would have to be sent back to the United States. This was more than a minor setback and it cast a shadow over the family’s heart. The idea of their little girl staying in a foreign land made them feel as though they had failed her.

No More Heartaches

In order to help ease their pain and make things easier for themselves they moved to Brazil. There they were able to find a hospital that would treat Svu Pandora and she was moved to the facility. After spending time there, the family decided that since Knoxville was such a long way away, they should take matters into their own hands and move closer so that Svu Pandora would continue receiving care there. It seemed like this would be the best solution for her but unfortunately moving became far more complicated than what the family had imagined.

2. Svu Pandora’s Family

It was not easy for the family to settle in a new place. There was a lot of uncertainty and negativity surrounding her condition. She was just a little girl when she found herself strapped down to a gurney and given shots every day. The sensation of needles penetrating her skin felt like torture to her and she hated it with everything in her. After months had passed by, the family decided that they no longer wanted their daughter to live such an anguishing life so they began seeking other alternatives.

A Glimmer Of Hope

As a result of this, the family decided to get in contact with a doctor by the name of Dr. Robert E. Gross who was an expert in the treatment of children suffering from microcephaly. He was one of the very few experts on this field that specialized in microcephalic children born at home and not in hospitals. According to him, most parents have no idea that they are carrying a child who will need medical attention after they have been born unless they go through medical tests before or during their pregnancy. This is why he believes it is vital to educate the public about this issue.

His Clinic Has Undergone Many Changes Over The Years

With this being said, Dr. Gross’s clinic has gone through quite an evolution. Thanks to his expertise and experience he has been able to help a lot of children with microcephaly live normal lives. Her dedicated treatment plan for Svu Pandora was the main reason she was able to overcome her condition in just seven months and be able to live a more normal life like other children without any serious medical problems.

3. Highlights From Svu Pandora’s Treatment

There are no words that can help describe the mixed feelings the family had when they found out what was to be done with their daughter. It is one thing to look at her and know that she needed treatment but it is another to think about all the things that could happen if she were not going to get the right care. The first thing they should do was get her a proper diagnosis. Once this was sorted out, it became much easier for them to have clear plans for Svu Pandora’s future because there were more things that could be done for her.

After She Was Diagnosed, All Changes Came

The doctors who diagnosed her told the family that their daughter had a congenital malformation of the central nervous system and they suggested that they put her in an intensive care unit. There she would be monitored 24/7 and have access to the right kind of medical care she needed. This was not an easy decision but it was made out of pure necessity. After having her sent to the hospital, Svu Pandora’s parents prepared themselves for what would be one of the hardest fights of their lives. They were going to have to be strong if they wanted their dreams for their daughter to become reality but they were not alone in this battle.


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