11 Tips for Using Your Smartphone Safely and Effectively


All around the world, people are becoming more and more dependent on their smartphones. With each passing year, these devices become smarter and more powerful. This makes them incredibly convenient – just think of all the different things you can do with your phone! But because this convenience comes at a cost, it’s important to make sure you’re not putting yourself in harm’s way by not using it safely. With these few simple precautions from Ilventofailsuogiro, you can keep yourself safe every time you go online or use your device for texting, calling, or even browsing the web.

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Be Careful Where You Stick It

When it comes to phones, stick them in places you know are out of the reach of children. Stick your phone on a table or ledge where no one will be able to reach it without getting on their hands and knees. If you’re concerned that your phone may be taken by an infant, then get something that attaches to their crib – like this adorable accessory from Target! Stick your phone in places where they’re not likely to get broken. Also, if you’re worried about children breaking your phone, you might also want to put it away and give them some kind of toy to play with instead.

You’re Not Done After Downloading

Many people like to download all kinds of apps onto their phones – and there’s nothing wrong with this! It allows you to get lots of different features and capabilities without having to pay for any extras. But when it comes to downloading apps, make sure you read through the reviews first. If the reviews look a little dodgy, you may wish to steer clear.

These things can be really handy if you want to get more from your phone – but make sure you read reviews first before downloading them!

Wear It In A Safe Place

Wear your cell phone on your body – in a place where it will be safe from harm. If you’re going to wear your phone around your neck, make sure it’s well protected. This means wearing it in an old sock or some kind of case so that it doesn’t break if it falls. Wear your cell phone around your neck if you must, but keep in mind that anything can happen. You might want to get a phone that’s been designed for your wrist instead! Then you can wear it safely and easily, no matter what you’re up to.

If You Get A New Phone . . .

It’s important to keep all of the numbers stored on your old phone even after you buy a new one. When you get a new phone, don’t just erase the old one. Keep all of the contact numbers in an old cell phone or text them to yourself so that you have your old phone number available if you ever need it. Not only is this good for keeping yourself organized, but it also means that if someone ever threatens to call the police while you’re having an argument, they can’t do it! 

Phones Are Not For Children

Reading and writing messages to other people on your phone may seem like a fun and harmless thing to do, but that can be a dangerous activity for kids. It’s important – especially for babies and toddlers – not to give them your phone. Don’t let them play with it or get anything from it like games or apps. Although they might make cute pictures, don’t give yours to children unless you know they can’t get hurt by them! 

Phones Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

You should never use your phone while you’re driving. That’s just as dangerous as drunk driving, and you could wind up getting into an accident or hurting someone. It may be fun to take selfies while you’re out and about – but make sure they’re not putting other people in danger! And don’t even think about sending any sexting messages while you’re behind the wheel! 

Don’t Take All Kids’ Phones Away

Many parents worry that if they keep their phones away from their kids – even if they don’t have any apps on them – they’ll get into mischief somehow. But this isn’t always the case. Some kids have trouble taking care of their phones – they’re always losing them, for example. If you have a smartphone, you might also have more of an interest in it than your friends that don’t have one. In other words, there’s often no reason to take your kids’ phones away.

It’s Not What You Use It For . . .

People think of their computers or tablets as being great ways to keep in touch with friends from school, from work, from a team of new friends they met at a party – but sometimes it’s not the best idea to talk on the phone while you’re driving! If you use your phone for texting or emailing instead of making a call, it’s dangerous for both of you.

It may be tempting to use your phone while driving – especially since these days, there are so many apps that allow you to do just about anything on them – but please don’t! It’s not safe and could put you in danger if someone has an accident because they don’t have their driver’s license.

Any Way You Look At It . . .

It might sound like the best way to talk on your phone is by holding it. But this can be dangerous – not only because you can get distracted, but also because your hands are holding the phone up near your head. Hold it to your ear instead, and you won’t have any of these problems! And if you’re texting someone, try to use a Bluetooth keyboard instead of typing into the screen on your phone.

If You Keep It On Page One . . .

Make sure your phone is set to take you to page one whenever you wake it up. Many people keep their phones set to the last screen or to an app like YouTube or Facebook, but this can be very dangerous. You should make sure that if your phone is switched off, it’ll come back on to the first page instead of your most recent screen – so that you won’t get distracted by something else. If you use your phone for work, it’s important that you don’t accidentally look at something other than what’s in front of you.

On The Edge Of The Bed . . .

Your phone has a great flashlight, so if you need to see something in the dark, it’s perfect. But don’t let your phone fall off of your table or bedside table! You don’t want to find out the hard way that if your phone falls just the wrong way, it can break easily. Keep it on hand for when you need to use the flashlight instead – but make sure it’s well protected!

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