Where to Land at a HillTop With a Circle of Trees in Fortnite

Large areas of wind power in the mountains

Stay at the hilltop because there might be a Circle of Trees nearby. Let’s say you’re playing Fortnite and you see a Circle of Trees. 

If you press the C key, you’ll place a marker over where it is and your teammates will see your location.”

If you’ve ever tried to make your way across an area in Fortnite without first finding out which direction was down, then this tip is for you! 

This post provides some helpful tips for navigating by keeping track of all the hills and mountains that exist in-game as well as providing some pointers on things that might be worth looking out for such as circles or trees during play.

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1. “DOWN” is your friend

First and foremost, you should treat the world as a giant bowl. Everything slopes downward towards the center, so if you can see a hill or mountain in front of you, then the bottom of that hill should be to your left. 

This will help you orient yourself and get an idea of which direction is down, and it allows visual confirmation of whether or not what you’re seeing is actually what you think it is! Check out these images below:

This is one way of mentally visualizing the concept; we call this “Spherical Fortnight” (credit to /u/PvPhipps for coining this term).

2. Hills are your friends

Next, you’ll need to know where the hills are in order to use them for your advantage. You’ll want to look out for any green-looking areas that may serve as a good point of reference. 

There’s a few different ways that these can be seen:

A hill that has trees on top of it. These usually have a bit of distance between them and the actual base of the hill since it’s hard to plant trees on steep terrain. If you’re looking for a place to land, try and spot these and land nearby! 

Examples: 1 , 2 , 3 . A hill or mountain top that is completely surrounded by trees and other greenery, also considered “forested”. These usually don’t have any sort of flat spot on them, so you can just look out for these when flying or driving around. 

Always keep an eye out for these, they’re usually indicators that the area around it is pretty safe. Examples: 1 , 2 . 

This mountain in particular has some really high points, so you’ll want to be careful when approaching it in-air since you could easily overshoot; use your glider in order to get in safely if possible.

3. Trees are your friends

There’s also things like circles nearby that might end up being beneficial to you (i.e.: a Circle of Trees). If you’re clever enough to find these things out, then you can often use them as a sort of “homing beacon” that will help guide you towards your destination.

A “Circle of Trees” is an indicator that there’s a place where you can spawn safely, so you’ll want to mark them on your map if you spot one. Be sure to show your teammates! Here are some examples of these:

4. Hills are also your friends?

Another thing to take note of are hillsides that have rivers running along them. These can be very dangerous when landing on, but since they’re very common in-game, it’s usually good practice to look out for these when flying or driving around in order to get an idea of where down is in terms of the rest of the world.

5. Always look for the green

Finally, there’s also areas that are usually very soft and “wet” where you can land, like these patches of grass near rivers, although this is generally only good for Skins (unless it’s a Lava pool).

If you spot any of these things in the game, then mark them on your map so you can be sure to aim for them when landing. Use this feature to help guide you towards your destination!

6. Circle of Trees

Circle of Trees is a location that can be found in the game. It’s a place where you’ll want to land in order to quickly heal up or replenish your ammo, as well as having a place to spawn and store your skins. These tend to be quite common, so make sure you look out for them!

When playing with a friend, you can use the “Where Am I?” location as a “homing beacon” for this as well as where it’s located on the map.


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