3 things to know about company consolidation.


Singapore houses thousands of different business entities. These entities come from all kinds of industries like engineering, mining, healthcare, and environmental. These businesses have been the pillars and foundations of the strong economic standpoint that Singapore has been exhibiting. It is a favorite since it supports a friendly and easy company incorporation Singapore processes throughout the years. 

In 2020 it was even named as the most open-market economy in the world for having policies and regulations that favor most kinds of businesses. These policies are inclusive to all types of businesses, even small ones. 

The number of various entities that are present in Singapore makes overlapping and similarities when it comes to these businesses possible. When these companies overlap, they tend to opt for a company consolidation to make things easier. After the company formation Singapore procedure, Singapore allows entities to consolidate for easier business transactions. Business or company consolidation processes take as much effort and time as the company formation Singapore process. However, it presents many benefits to businesses. Let us talk more about the company consolidation procedures to know more why it is important.

#1 Significance

Consolidation is a significant part of every business as it gives businesses room to grow even after the company incorporates the Singapore process. Since it brings two companies that complement each other together, these companies can reach greater heights and achieve 

#2 Functions

Consolidation involves two companies that are similar yet have differences. That’s why it is important to choose a company that can help your company grow and reach more. This helps your company be able to fulfill more functions and roles even after the company formulation Singapore processes. Having two entities that have already gone through the company incorporation Singapore processes means that you have two stable entities. This way, the functions and works of the consolidated company become more efficient and effective. 

#3 Effects 

As stated, consolidation can help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both companies. This brings two stable companies with competent staff within it together. These groups of individuals are expected to work together to make these two entities even more profitable than the stages after the company formation Singapore procedure. 

Types of business consolidation

Statutory consolidation

This type of consolidation happens when two businesses are combined into a new entity. The original ones from the company incorporation Singapore procedure will then cease to exist. By consolidating these companies, they will be able to undergo a company formation Singapore procedure that is larger in many ways. That consolidation is called the statutory consolidation that is done through a merger transaction. 

Statutory merger

This happens when the acquiring company liquidates the asset of the other one. The difference is that one company will cease to exist while the other will continue normal operations after the consolidation. This is one form of a company formation Singapore technique where assets will just be acquired. 

Benefits of company consolidation

Complete overview 

After the company incorporates Singapore procedure, it may be harder to keep track of a large company. When you have two companies together, that means that one can get more employees and more manpower. This makes it easier to keep track and oversee the company. 

Less paperwork

Consolidation means that there would be less paperwork because their documents can now be done in one processing. This can further make operations more efficient and effective. It is also the trend these days where transactions are made paperless to contribute to being environmentally friendly. 

More efficiency

Since there is less work to be done with possibly more manpower, the company can be more efficient and be more productive after the consolidation. This way, the company can do more strategies and methods to make the business more profitable. 

Helps in planning

The contribution of the many staff and employees with different specialties and backgrounds makes it possible for the company to plan more effectively. Since there are many contributing individuals, there can be more ideas and suggestions that would be effective. Consolidation aims to boost the two companies more and make more profit than they were making when they are still two separate entities. If the company consolidation is done right, the chances of being successful in these mergers are high.

Need help?

Company consolidation involves a lot of complicated steps that is why there are many third-party firms that offer services to make this easier. WLP Group is a firm that can guide you from start to finish. Contact us today to know more.


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