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If you’re anything like me, you may find yourself wondering what the Golden Globes are, or why they even exist. 

It seems like an event full of glamorous stars and glittering dresses; but what do they actually mean? 

The term “Golden Globe” originally referred to a special award given out by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association during its annual awards ceremony. 

Here are the updates of the golden globes live blogging.

Nowadays, however, the Golden Globes serve as one of the biggest events in Hollywood; not only because these celebrities are recognized for their amazing work in film and television (the only time during which awards are handed out), but because it’s also an event that many people wish to see.

Here are some points discussed about the golden globes-

1. The Golden Globes are an important event for film and television

The Golden Globes are arguably one of the biggest awards in Hollywood. The Golden Globes recognize the best in film and television, with prizes given in movie acting to television. 

They also help regulate future award shows by presenting awards in both categories to popular actors, actresses, directors, and programs. 

They recognize artists’ work in movies, music, and television; they do not recognize them for their professional achievements (e.g., consideration for an Academy Award).

The Golden Globe Awards are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which is made up of around 90 members that cover news outlets throughout North America and Europe.

2. The Golden Globes are not held on the last night of the Academy Awards

The Oscars and the Golden Globes are held on different days and occur regularly. Their time and location change often, but they generally happen at:

Hollywood Foreign Press Association Awards Show: January 12, 2016. The awards show includes movies, television, digital media and original programming.

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards: February 12, 2016. The awards ceremony recognizes alumni achievements in music, television and stage performances. It was established in 1944 by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to recognise outstanding contributions to World Cinema.

3. The Golden Globes have been recently connected to the Independent Spirit Awards

In June 2013, the HFPA, which hosts the annual Golden Globes ceremony, signed a three-year deal with Dick Clark Productions to produce a televised ceremony for the presentation of five film awards. 

This move was made with a hope to increase exposure and acknowledgement of niche films. This deal launched on January 15 at the 2015 Independent Spirit Awards with a presentation held by John Krasinski and Helen Hunt as co-hosts.

4. The HFPA hosts the Golden Globes in order to recognize the best in film and television

Although the Golden Globes are known for their glamour, they also recognize work in film and television. 

Hollywood Foreign Press Association is an association that awards prizes for outstanding achievement in motion pictures. 

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association annually invites members of the international press to assemble at a ceremony where they honor achievements in motion pictures at both local and national levels. 

The organization also gives stars, directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, actresses and musicians awards by recognizing their achievements with honors presented by members elected initially by each organization’s national membership. 

The HFPA is made up of over 90 members representing several different countries.

5. The Golden Globes are recognized as one of the biggest events in Hollywood

Each year, film and television actors, actresses, directors, producers and writers are chosen to be awarded for their work.

It is an important international media event that has been sponsored by different companies over the years. 

The ceremony recognizes the work of members of all professions that have helped shape entertainment throughout history. 

The HFPA also reserves a special honor called “Buddy” for those who have made contributions to the industry through mentoring or support roles.

6. The Golden Globes are known for their glamour

The Golden Globes are also known for their red carpet events. This has made it one of the most-watched awards programs around the world. 

Despite this, however, it is not televised live; instead, it is taped at around 5pm PST on a Wednesday with about 35 hours of footage to choose from. By Saturday at noon PST, the HFPA will then choose only three hours to air worldwide. 

7. The Golden Globes are recognized as one of the most glamorous awards

The Golden Globe Awards are often referred to as the “Golden Globes”, which is the name of several different awards that are presented by the HFPA throughout the year for achievements in film, television and music. 

The award was first given out in 1944 at the Beverly Hills Hotel to reward contributions made to improve public relations and raise awareness of foreign (non-American) films by members of Hollywood Foreign Press Association.


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