5 Shitty Things Data Analysis Tools Have Done In 2021


Data analysis tools have provided us with countless insights into the way the world has changed over time. People have been trying avery business cards. How can we trust these insights, though, if they only present the data in a certain way?

We’re not going to get too technical here, but one thing we can say is that data analysis tools have been shown to make mistakes and omit aspects of reality in order for people to make certain decisions. For example, some of them might ignore information about awareness campaigns or other factors that don’t affect our decision-making process.

Below are five such mistakes that result in data analysis tools presenting a distorted reality to the public.

1. Allowing People To Make Certain Decisions Based On Their Emotions

The most commonly used data analysis tools are based on machine learning, which means there’s a lot of information and historical data that are analyzed to determine the best course of action for any given situation. It’s very useful in many scenarios, but what people don’t know is that these tools allow their emotions and their biases to shape their decisions.

Western countries have been pushing for other countries like Iran and Burma to adopt democracy as the right way to run a country because they believe it works better than other forms of government. However, when the data analysis tools are used to determine this, they factor in campaigns that involve awareness and propaganda to spread the word about democracy.

2. Data Analysis Tools Leaving You In The Dark About The Future

The biggest problem with data analysis tools is that they don’t tell you everything . For example, they might omit information about how other countries feel about you, or how your actions are perceived by the rest of the world.

Data analysis tools might give us information regarding the best course of action to take in a given situation, but they don’t tell us what could happen if we choose a different course of action. If we stick to the same method for too long without finding out what else is out there, we won’t be able to improve our situation and our country.

We have a tendency of falling into this trap because our data analysis tools present information in an objective and fair way, which makes them seem like they are telling us everything there is to know about a situation. However, we have to understand that these tools are only an interpretation of the data and can leave out certain aspects that don’t fit their narrative.

Most importantly, data analysis tools only show us one possible future for our country. They don’t indicate how things could go wrong if we make the wrong decision. Many times, people will only see that one future and decide to follow a course of action based on that information alone. How many wars could have been avoided if everyone made decisions based on a more objective analysis of the situation?

3. The Way We Measure Our Economic Growth

The most important thing to know about the economy is that it’s changing all the time, and there are many factors at play. Because of how unstable it is, we’re using data analysis tools to help us determine how we should invest and how we can improve our economy.

However, these tools fail to take into account many factors that affect our economic growth. For example, they don’t measure how certain innovations will change our industry and transform the way we do business altogether. They also don’t tell us anything about the kind of impact new policies will have in the long run.

In short, their analysis only tells us one small part of a larger story . These tools can be very useful for making quick decisions, but if we don’t learn everything we can from them, we might end up missing out on opportunities that could have positively affected our economy.

4. How Our Media Always Finds A Way To Manipulate Data Analysis Tools

There is a big difference between how most people perceive the media and how it really is . The media does not operate in a vacuum and is always trying to shape public opinion. Some media outlets are more successful than others at making sure their audience will receive their messages the way they want them to, and from this point of view data analysis tools are very easy to manipulate.

Data analysis tools can provide us with all of the information we need to know about certain topics and how certain campaigns are affected by them. The media can then use this information as a way to convince people to agree with their views.

For example, let’s say that there’s a new policy that was recently implemented, and it’s affecting people in a negative way. While the data analysis tools will show us the consequences of that policy, the media might ignore this aspect and focus on another instead. The goal here is to manipulate people into thinking that the policy is effective or even beneficial, when in reality it’s damaging everyone involved.

5. Many Businesses Aren’t Taking The Time To Understand The Data

There’s a lot of information in data and many people are not able to use this information as effectively and efficiently as they would like. For example, businesses can’t see all of the different aspects involved with an economic decision and will be unable to optimize their decisions if they don’t learn how the data analysis tools can help them.

One thing that is surprising is that businesses seem to be extremely unaware of their own biases, which results in their inability to recognize how these tools affect their decisions. It may sound absurd, but some businesses don’t realize that they’re being manipulated just by accepting the facts they’re given without doing any additional research.

Once they understand that other factors might have an impact on the situation, they will be more likely to fully analyze the data and make sure their decisions are based on it.


Data analysis tools are a very powerful and useful tool in our hands, but we need to be aware of their limitations. With that said, these tools only account for a small part of the picture and we need to make sure we find out all that we can about our country and our world. Only then will we be able to achieve all of our goals as a country, company or individual .


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