Take Advantage Of Einstein Bagels – Read These 9 Tips


If you’re looking for a bagel that is as healthy as it is delicious, Einstein Bagels are the place to go. Einstein Bagels menu has so many options that you will get confused. All their bagels have less than 5 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat, and 1 gram of protein. The toppings they offer are equally low-calorie and nutritious – read these nine tips to find out how to make the most out of your Einstein Bagel experience!

The 9 Tips to Enjoy the Lowest-Calorie Bagels

1. Get bagels with low-fat cream cheese.

Einstein Bagels offers a wide variety of bagel types that all have almost no fat in them – they’re perfect to opt for when you want to hold back on the cream cheese and keep it low in calories.

The plain bagel on Einstein’s menu is only 80 calories, which is less than half of the calories in a regular bagel. If you want to get the cream cheese, though, you can opt for the low-fat one with less than one gram of fat per serving.

2. Opt for whole-wheat bagels instead of white bagels.

White bagels have less than one-third the amount of dietary fiber as whole-wheat bagels. So when you are craving a whole-wheat bagel, opt for a whole-wheat Einstein Bagel instead.

Einstein Bagels offers a whole-wheat bagel that has 12 grams of dietary fiber, compared to the eight grams that is found in a regular white bagel.

The best part is that a whole-wheat bagel is only 100 calories, which means you can eat two bagels for the same amount of calories as one regular white bagel.

3. Opt for cinnamon raisin bagels and whole-grain toppings.

These two types of bagels have less fat and less sodium than any other kinds that they offer, so they are perfect to use when you’re looking to hold back on the calories and keep within your calorie limits. When you opt for cinnamon raisin bagels and whole-grain toppings instead of the ones that are higher in calories, you’ll decrease your sodium intake by a huge amount – so it’s best to make this change every morning if you can.

4. Choose low-fat spreads when you are going to spread your cream cheese.

Einstein Bagels has a wide variety of cream cheeses, so you can pick one that’s fit for your calorie needs. The cream cheese with the least amount of fat is the low-fat one, which only has 1.5 grams of fat for every serving. This is far less than the 4 grams of fat in a regular cream cheese.

5. Add some low-oil tomato products to your bagel sandwich.

Einstein Bagels also offers reduced fat and fat-free tomato products that you can use on your bagel as a replacement for cream cheese. These are perfect to add to your bagel because they have the same amount of calories as the regular cream cheese and also provide you with great nutrients.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to opt for the tomato products when there is one available – the calories will stay the same, but your bagel will be much healthier.

6. Choose a bagel that has less than 2 tablespoons of cream cheese on it.

Cream cheese on a bagel can easily add about 200 calories to your meal. So make sure you only opt for the lowest-calorie types and amounts.

This is a good tip to follow so that you can enjoy the lowest-calorie bagels without any regrets.

7. Add fruit to your bagel.

Some of their spreads are made with real fruit, so you get the best of both worlds by adding it to your bagel. Einstein’s tampo sauce is made with real fruit, so you can add a small amount of that to your bagel and boost the amount of calcium in your meal.

In some stores they also offer applesauce, so make sure you check with the staff or their website if you want to find out which products they have available in your area.

8. Keep everything calorie-free by getting a bagel that only has the topping you want.

If you are trying to stay within your calorie limits, you can choose some of their fresh toppings on the side and then pick out your toppings at the register. This way, you won’t have any more calories at the end of your meal. 

And if you can’t make up your mind between some of their best toppings, you can always pick a plain bagel and add the toppings yourself.

9. Go to Einstein Bagels on the weekend to get a free bagel.

Einstein Bagels offers a free bagel with a cup of iced coffee on the weekends, so you can enjoy some of their lowest-calorie options as well. This is a great option to take advantage of if you want to save some calories during the week and eat even better food on weekends.


Einstein Bagels is a great choice for all of your healthy bagel cravings. With their variety of low-fat cream cheeses and spreads, you can always find the perfect combination for your bagel. And the best part is that these delicious bagel options are nutritious and delicious at the same time!


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