6 Different Types of Nail Polish You Must Know About

Nail Polish

Who doesn’t love to flaunt beautifully manicured hands with perfect nails? And the easiest way to pull this off is by wearing suitable nail polish, as the appropriate gloss and colour can amp up your look in minutes. 

So there are many types available, whether you want to flaunt a cool-toned nail lacquer, some nail acrylic powder, or the traditional nail polish formulas. And with the significant growth of the nail market, the options are only bound to increase, with many brands offering their unique take. So, here are the top six types you need to know about:

1. Regular Nail Polish 

Regular nail polish is the staple makeup tool that everyone should have. This is the type of smooth, glossy-finish product you see on every counter. Meanwhile, this may not look too fancy, but it gets the job done, and all you need to do is apply the nail polish, starting with the base coat. After that, you can follow up with a few more coats and finish with a top coat. 

Note: It is better to apply a strengthening base coat first for those with weaker nails. 

2. Matte Nail Polish 

The matte nail polish appears somewhat similar to your basic/regular nail polish formulas. However, it has no glossy lustre to the finish. And the problem with matte finish polish is that it dries up and chips much faster than the glossy ones. So, you can skip the base coat. Instead, let the matte polish stick to the natural texture of your nails to help them last longer. 

3. Gel Polish 

Gel nail polish is another popular polish type. The hard gel texture of the nail polish is something all nail technicians prefer, as it helps them apply the nail polish directly to your bare nail. You can even apply this type of polish yourself if you are a pro at handling such products. And the good thing about this product is that it lasts really long and can stay undamaged for up to two weeks. 

4. Nail Acrylic Powder

The acrylic nail powder is a unique product that consists of the same material used to make acrylic nails. Meanwhile, some products come as a mix of power and liquid elements. But the best thing about this product is that you do not need UV light to harden it. It can harden on its own once dried up, and you can even use it to extend your nails. As such, the look will be a lot similar to synthetic acrylic nails. 

5. Glitter Nail Polish 

The glitter nail polish is the perfect nail product to add some glamour to your look, especially when attending a party or a wedding. And if you are looking for a product that lasts longer than regular nail polish, or even the matte finish ones, then choose this. You can even create an opaque look to break from the usual transparent look of the glitter nail polish with enough practice. 

6. Breathable Polish 

The breathable nail polish is considered one of the best products for your nails, other than the nail acrylic powder. While most nail polishes do not allow your nails to breathe, exposure to oxygen and light is vital for their strength. So thanks to the breathable nature of this particular product, your nails get enough water and oxygen to keep them looking alive and healthy. 

Remember that nail polish or nail varnish is applied not just for decorative purposes but also for nail protection. So, no matter which type of nail polish you choose, do consider its side effects. Also, it is crucial that you maintain proper nail hygiene at all times so that your nails look healthy naturally. Only then will the polish work its best in enhancing the aesthetics of your nails. 


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