Top 5 movie theaters in bozeman


This bozeman movie theater has a number of great movie theaters, and it can be difficult to try and pick which one is the best. But we’ve narrowed down our favorites to make things easy for you!

We’ll tell you why they’re good and help you make a decision as to which theater is right for your needs.

The Film Society: What makes this theater special? 

They always show independent films that are both nationally and internationally acclaimed; it’s an amazing use of Bozeman’s art community, especially since most people don’t know about these movies unless they’re in New York City or Los Angeles. 

They also support and show a lot of shorts and documentaries.

What else do we like about this theater? Well, the location is great; it’s in the heart of downtown and easily accessible by foot, bike, bus or car. 

They also give you a student discount, which is much appreciated by college students. And finally, you can join their film society for $25 a year and get free popcorn at every show!

Here are some points discussed about Top 5 movie theaters in Bozeman

1. The Film Society

A movie theater with a unique and amazing atmosphere.

2. Cineville

An awesome place to see a movie, especially since it’s right downtown in the heart of Bozeman.

3. Bozeman Drive In

Great for those who have a car because they have large parking spaces available on the side of the building and their concession stand stays open later than any other theater in town.

4. The City Drive In

This theater is perfect for those that don’t want to go downtown or don’t have a car, as they have an awesome drive-in-like atmosphere where you can sit in your car and watch from there.

5. The Orpheum

This theater is very unique because they have a balcony that overlooks the main screen, making it a great place to get an overview of the movie from above. Very unique theater!

The Bozeman Drive In is the only drive-in theater in Montana. The drive-in screen is 6,000 sq ft with 668 seats. 

They have 22 regular screens and 25 digital screens. Their concessions are open until midnight.

Cineville is a combination of multiplexes, independent films, concerts, and other cultural events that are all centered around the Cineville Cafe & Film Center in downtown Bozeman. Open most nights of the week until 10 p.m.

The Bozeman Cinema 6 is part of the Celebration Cinemas chain. The six-screen cinema has stadium seating in all three theaters in the complex. The Bozeman Cinema 6 opened on in October 1996 and was expanded in 2006.

The Orpheum is a classic, single screen theater with 400 seats located in Downtown Bozeman at 15 West Main Street. It features live performances, concerts, films and other cultural events. 

Other theaters include the Montana Theater (in Livingston), Flicks (in Belgrade) and the Sunset Drive-in (in Belgrade) which has been closed since early 2010. 

The Western Art Center (also in Belgrade) closed in 2009 and is now the home for the Bozeman Film Society.

Bozeman has a total of eight major venues: The Orpheum, the T & B Music Hall, The Kentucky Theater, The Bozeman Drive-In Cinema.

The Cineville Movie House (also known as Cineville), Cinema 6 (formerly called the Celebration Cinemas), Bozeman Drive-In Cinema (150 seats only) and the Montana Theater (in Livingston). Other smaller venues such as Quixote’s and Flywheel Flyer also exist. 

The Bozeman Drive-In is an outdoor theater located at the Fairgrounds. During the summer, concessions are also available at tables on the grass with 100-person capacity. 

All shows are projected through a big screen mounted on the wall of the building. The Shows are at 8 p.m., 10 p.m., and midnight every night, except Sunday which is either 9 p.m or 11 p.m 

Bozeman Drive-In Cinema is an outdoor theater located at Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds Fairgrounds 

The Cineville Movie House was formerly known as Celebration Cinemas. Cineville is a movie theater and cafe featuring independent films and world cinema.

The Montana Theater is a downtown theater that has been operating since 1954. It’s located at 310 South Broadway. 

There are also two theaters for live music: the Grand Hall at the Orpheum and the Grand Hall at the Flicks. 

Both feature local and national acts, but one has a smaller capacity than the other, with the Flicks having up to 200 people while The Orpheum can hold 250 people.

Bozeman has many restaurants in different areas of town, however there are only three within downtown Bozeman itself: The Salad Shed, Cafe Boulud, and Tupelo Honey Cafe & BBQ. 


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