7 Secrets You Will Not Want To Know About Hurr Durr Fire Is Scary


It’s hard to imagine that a character with such simplistic and captivating artwork could be so sinister in nature. Hurr durr fire is scary and is often seen as a comical fantasy game, but there are secrets in the game that no one would expect. It’s dark, unsettling, and will leave players questioning what they’ve just done. It doesn’t stop there though, since the game also has an extensive list of easter eggs hidden throughout it for players to find. These secrets don’t just make the game more interesting, they also add to the game’s lore and will have players returning to find more. Here are 7 secrets that no one would want to know about Hurr Durr Fire Is Scary.

1. You Don’t Actually Save The Dogs

One of the most shocking aspects of Hurr Durr is that you never actually save any dogs in the game. Instead, you are saving yourself from your own demise by using the dogs as a way to get yourself out of danger while you collect your thoughts and fight off the effects from the poison. This is a relatively simple Easter egg and probably one of the most unique in Hurr Durr.

2. The Graveyard Is Actually The Flesh Eating House

The graveyard is a place filled with negative energy. It’s full of blood, decaying flesh, and the graves are extremely detailed. However, you’ll notice that there is no one here to mourn for these victims who once were alive. If you look very closely at the writing on the graves it appears as though each grave was dug up and moved to this location from another house entirely. The entire house is actually a flesh eating house that has been brought to the graveyard.

3. There’s A Witch In The House

There are hints of a witch in all of her dark glory throughout the ranks of soldiers and death knight characters. She is known as the “Blind Lady” who is kind to all those who enter, but also feeds on their blood every single night after they pass away. If you go into her home, there are several notable things you will notice about it: The decor is extremely dark and it appears as though all the furniture consists of bones. There are also several skulls and skulls on shelves in various areas throughout the house.

4. The Book Is All About Moaning Myrtle

The book that you seek out in the game is actually a book about Moaning Myrtle, which is a character that the Death Knight can summon during battle. The book doesn’t necessarily contain any helpful information though since it is entirely based upon Harry Potter lore. The only hard information within the pages of the book is about Moaning Myrtle, but even that isn’t necessarily accurate since her story seems to be different from what’s written within the book.

5. You Can Make Your Own Character In The Game

This is one of the most surprising secrets in the game, as well as one of the most intriguing. Within Hurr Durr there is a program that allows players to make their own character and name them. This character can then be given to another player where they can play as this character in multiplayer, but this excludes the option to make a death knight character that the player will fight with. The creator’s of Hurr Durr must have known how much people would want their own character, and so they made it possible for all players to create their own characters within the game itself.

6. The Game Is Based Upon A Movie

The game has a weird story behind it, but the most notable is that it’s actually based upon a movie. The movie itself is called Night of the Demons and it’s about demons having to kill each other for the crown of a demon king. This movie was also made into a game by Capcom that was also known as Demon’s Souls. 

This explains why all of the information in this game seems to be extremely accurate when compared to what’s written within the Demon’s Souls manual. It also explains why characters from that game are scattered throughout this one, since this is likely how Hurr Durr was used as a learning experience for those who were making the games themselves.

7. You Get Possessed At The End Of The Game

This is one of the biggest secrets in the game, and one that some players found earlier than others. It’s hard to miss the fact that you have to fight your own character at the end of Hurr Durr, but what a lot of players don’t realize is that your character makes it successfully past the tower you’re holding him in and he gets possessed by an evil spirit. This spirit then takes over your body and becomes a permanent character within multiplayer. Your character may appear as himself, but he will now also be haunted by this demon whom he can not get rid of until you beat him within another game.


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