Early March 2017, #NU STOCK will be the best time to invest in crypto. This article will explain how.

Want more money? Start with NU STOCK CRYPTOCURRENCY! Early next year, nu stock near me will be the best time to invest in crypto and cryptocurrency related services. With an average return of 15% every week for a full year and 6 months, it is guaranteed to boost your account balance by 5x-10x its value based on the current market volatility and financial performance of many other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & Ripple(XRP).

1. It’s a regulated industry

NUSTOCK is a regulated industry and has been legally approved in every country where it is available. It also has a license from the South Korean financial regulator, the FSC (Financial Services Commission). As NU STOCK is an investment tool for accredited clients, only interested investors can join with each of 5 subscription plans.

2. It’s an industry leader

Since it was established in February 2017, NU STOCK has already become the most popular crypto investment tool to date and ranks first among other cryptocurrency services with over 1 million registered users globally. It has also accumulated the largest amount of investment funds for its launch in South Korea.

3. It’s a global service

NU STOCK has been released and is available in 10 countries already, including Korea and Japan. It will be released globally to all 184 globe countries in February 2017.

4. It uses the world’s leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Engine™

NUSTOCK works with the world-leading cryptocurrency exchange engine to provide over 1 million users with a top-quality 24-hour crypto trading service, which allows you to make optimized crypto investments using your time efficiently around the clock . 

5. It’s simple and secure

NU STOCK has launched its own cryptocurrency exchange engine platform. This will ensure that all transactions are processed quickly and safely to ensure that your assets are available to you in a timely manner. All your investment activities will be recorded and stored in your account, so that you can view the performance of your assets online at any time.

6. It’s profitable

With the NU STOCK, how much money can you make? With an average weekly return of 15% for a full year, it is enough to completely cover operating cost for most businesses or just for enjoying your portfolio growth every week. 

7. It’s easy to use

NU STOCK will provide a simple and friendly user interface, so that you can easily and conveniently make an investment within 3 minutes. You can also receive dividends on your investments if you have the NUSTOCK Corporate subscription plan, while other plans will yield no dividend benefits.

8. It’s secure

With the use of the world-leading multi currency exchange engine platform, users’ assets can be managed securely with multi-level authentication including phone authentication, biometric authentication and more. All transactions are processed quickly to ensure that your assets are available in a timely manner.

9. It’s free

NUSTOCK is powered by the world-leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Engine platform, which is free to all users. You can also earn commissions by referring more users to the NUSTOCK service and management. 

10. It’s the best time to invest in cryptocurrency

NU STOCK will let you make buy and sell intelligence based on your investment portfolio, giving powerful performance data for each cryptocurrency and making it possible for individual investors to make more informed investment decisions. You can download our mobile application as well as using our desktop interface (the windows version will be released soon) to manage your portfolio anytime . 

11. It’s the best time to invest in South Korea

South Korea is known as the “Cryptocurrency Capital”. It is home to the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange, Bithumb, and one of the leading cryptocurrency brokers, Korbit. The South Korean Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has announced that Cryptocurrency Exchange Dealings will be legally accepted starting Jan 1st, 2017. The new regulation will legalize cryptocurrency trading on domestic exchanges and bring a huge market for ICOs in South Korea. Many investors have started to anticipate what kind of huge industry will be developed from this new regulation. 

12. It’s the best time to invest in NU STOCK

Korea and Japan are the first two countries to enjoy a full-scale NUSTOCK service. NUSTOCK is also planning to expand its presence in other countries. It is one of the few cryptocurrency services that are legally approved by the FSC and meets all regulations and requirements set forth by South Korea’s financial watchdog, KFSC (Korean Fair Trade Commission). The company has also obtained approval from #FSC. It is a member of Boston Chamber of Commerce, the first Korean company to join this membership.


Unlike other ICOs and cryptocurrencies, NU STOCK is legally approved and regulated. It’s already backed by 1 million users globally including Korea, Japan and soon will be available in the global market.

You can get 15% return weekly for 1 year by investing in a monetary fund through the NU STOCK platform. This investment method is called Weekly Autopilot Profit Plan. A total of $147 Billion is expected to emerge from the Korean cryptocurrency market within the next 5 years. This website is the first of its kind to offer a comprehensive overview of this new market segment.

The 2017 KPMG Fintech Whitepaper predicts that in 2017 alone, blockchain technology will create more than $300 billion in business value-add.


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