7 things that are complete waste of money


If you’re looking to save some money, it’s important to understand what exactly is a waste of money because time and again people are spending their hard-earned cash on items that are not worth the purchase.

This post will discuss 7 things that are typically not worth the money. Starting with.

1. Massage.

It sounds like an awesome way to relax, but they’re really just for physical therapists who might have carpal tunnel or athletes recovering from an injury. 

A massage just isn’t worth it if you don’t have anything wrong with your body, because then all you’ll be doing is paying someone to touch you for an hour.

2. Shorter telephone cords/cables.

It’s not like you need to have a 12-foot cord for your phone, so don’t waste the money on buying one. Especially since you can just use an extension cable if you need more distance. 

It’s also worth noting that this also applies to headphones, which are all just overpriced mini cords that are meant to be replaced for newer versions every few months or so.

3. Wrist watches with anything other than an actual, physical clock face on them.

Fancy watches are completely unnecessary with smartphones now being the norm and digital clocks being everywhere around us. 

You don’t need to be able to tell time in any other way than with your phone in order to know the time, which you can easily do at all times with your eyes.

4. Expensive razors.

Let’s face it, razor blades are not expensive materials at all. They’re actually very cheap when compared with other things like plastics or metals, so don’t buy expensive razors when you can simply get the same quality for half the price of what you see advertised in most places (for example, Dollar Shave Club).

5. Expensive deodorants (or even just regular deodorant).

Sure, it might be nice to have a fancy deodorant that smells like cologne or something but if the regular kind of deodorant works for you, then it’s not worth spending money on an unaffordable option.

6. Expensive sunglasses.

Again, this is something that more than likely does not need to be purchased and can simply be found on sale sometimes or just worn without if you don’t feel like wearing them at the moment.

It’s also probably worth noting that sunglasses do nothing but protect your eyes from the sun and they’re not effective at doing anything else (such as heating up metal). So they’re really just accessories for the most part.

7. Expensive toilet paper.

Absolutely not worth it. It’s something that can be replaced by simply using towels, newspapers, or even wipes. So don’t waste money on it.

Okay, these might not all be worth the money right now but if you ever find yourself thinking about buying one of these items, remember to ask yourself “is this something I really need?” and “will it really make a difference if I buy this or not? If yes, then go ahead and buy it because you can always get rid of it when you’re done with it.”

8. Fancy car seats.

They’re unnecessary for your car unless you have children in it or if you need an extra seat for walking around the mall at the mall. 

Just get a decent seat off of Craigslist for less than $50 that will hold up just as well as an expensive seat with straps that are similar to actual seat belts.

9. Expensive coffee makers.

Sure some of them might be nice and look very nice and fancy, but they’re basically just coffee makers that turn your regular old coffee into some fancy, fancy beverage that goes on Instagram. 

So don’t waste your money on it unless you enjoy chatting about coffee with strangers over the phone for hours on end.

10. Expensive cordless phones/headphones/cameras (etc).

It’s really not necessary to spend a lot of money on these things because most smartphones nowadays can do everything that these expensive items do. 

So just get a smartphone in the normal price range and save yourself the money.

11. Expensive sunglasses.

Again, this one’s not that important unless you’re trying to go for a specific look because even if you looked great in sunglasses, people will still think you look awesome without them anyways depending on how amazing your face looks. So cost is not worth it in this situation.

12. Expensive car seats (etc).

Again, it’s not really necessary for your car unless you need an extra seat or if you have children in it or something like that (and even then it’s probably overkill if the regular seats are okay) because as long as you’re not going to crash and as long as the current car seat is nice enough, then you’re still okay to use it for as long as it lasts.


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