7 Top-Rated Things to Do in Connecticut


Here we will go over seven top-rated things to do in Connecticut. 

Connecticut is a beautiful state filled with nutmeg trees, amazing sights, and fun activities for all ages. So, if you live in the state or plan on taking a trip there soon, you may be wondering what exactly there is to do, and which activities are the best. 

Luckily, we list the most well-loved things to do in Connecticut below, so keep reading to find out.

1) Ziplining at Foxwoods Resort Casino

The Highflyer Zipline is the world’s only zipline off a 33-story hotel tower. 

If you want to play some slots then slide 60 miles per hour from 350 feet in the air; this is the place for you. When you land, you will find yourself about one mile away near the Museum & Research Center, which is another great activity to do in Connecticut.

2) Beardsley Zoo

Beardsley Zoo is Connecticut’s only zoo. This Zoo primarily features South and North American animals, endangered species, New England Farmyard, and a tropical rainforest.

The Beardsley Zoo is cool because you can watch animal cams from your home, join kid or adult programs, participate in scavenger hunts, and more. The zoo is open every day and hosts fun events, so check their website for details before your trip to the zoo.

3) IT Ropes Adventure Course

Located inside Jordan’s Furniture, you find the world’s largest indoor ropes course. In this course, you experiment with your tightrope walking skills and take on ropes as tall as 56 feet. Also, you get to climb through cargo nets and angled rope ladders surrounded by bright neon lights.

Additionally, connecting two tightrope courses are four SkyRail ziplines, which happen to be the longest ever made. 

4) Backyard Adventures UTV Tours

At backyard adventures, you and three of your friends have the opportunity to climb into and drive a utility terrain vehicle and follow a guided expert through the woods. Some guests say the experience makes them feel like they are in Jurrasic World, and others mention the wildlife scampering through the forest.

Tours are around one to two hours long and can only be booked if you are over twenty-one and have a valid driver’s license. 

5) Joy Ride Charters

Joy Ride Charters is the most popular sailing charter business in the state and offers sailing on Long Island Sound.

Captain Joy offers private sailing lessons, first mate lessons, docking lessons, and more.

Additionally, if you love fishing and traveling, you can sail with Joy Ride Charters around the world. Upcoming trips include Croatia, Thailand, and Greece. It’s hard to believe that a charter could frequently travel the world from Connecticut, but JoyRide does, and they start in Westbrook.

6) Fine Fettle Dispensary

While in a state that allows the recreational use of marijuana, you should consider visiting the best dispensary in the area.

Fine Fettle offers guests some of the highest quality cannabis in addition to informational resources, friendly interactions, and a good time. Whether visiting Connecticut or a resident, you are sure to find some fun at Fine Fettle Dispensary.

7) Kent Falls State Park

One of the many things that Connecticut is known for is its unbeatable natural beauty, and one of the most beautiful places in the state is Ken Fall, State Park. 

Kent Falls State Park is great for the outdoorsy type of people that enjoy being surrounded by nature for hours on end. At the park, you can walk the covered bridge, spectate the water cascades, go fishing, picnic, and more.

Additionally, if you’re interested in seeing what Connecticut landscapes looked like a century ago, you can check out “Viewpoints” at the Art Trail Site. Viewpoints is a project featuring outdoor exhibits that reproduce works of art painted in the 19th century.


Connecticut is a truly fun, energetic, and beautiful place. When visiting the state you are overwhelmed by friendly residents and colorful scenery. When visiting such a wonderful state, you may have a hard time deciding what to do. 

To make the most of your trip through Connecticut, you will want to visit Foxwoods Resort Casino, Beardsley zoo, IT Ropes Adventure Course, Backyard Adventures UTV Tours, Joy Ride Charters, Fine Fettle Dispensary, and Kent Falls State Park.


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