How to Get a Free Amulet of Health?


What is an amulet of health?

An amulet of health is a piece of jewelry or an object imbued with the power to heal injuries and illnesses. The term is most commonly used in reference to amulets worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs, but the practice was also widespread elsewhere in the world. Amulets were typically made from materials such as gold, silver, mummified animal organs and other objects that could be obtained through trade.

How do I get one?

Amulets of Health are a reward for participating in clans competitions or completing certain temporary quests during special events. You can also obtain it by using the Runecrafting skill.

How do I use amulets for health?

Once you obtain an amulet of health, equip it in the ‘neck’ slot. Now, when you go to a Summoning obelisk, you will find that there is a new option: “Bind” this item. Using this option will destroy your amulet of health and resummon your familiar with full life points and any unspent skill points from the previous companion being destroyed.

What is the difference between an amulet of health and a ring of life?

A ring of life is similar to an amulet of health, but the effect is not as effective. When you bind a ring of life, your familiar will have some life points restored. However, it does not restore any unspent skill points to it and does not entirely heal your familiar.

Can I bind items other than amulets?

No. Amulet of health is the most commonly bound item used in summoning as it can be obtained without any effort (other than participating in a competition or event) while other items will require effort that may be too far off for some players.

What is to be noted about binding items?

When the ring of life is bound, the familiar will have half of its total life points restored. Similarly, in case of an amulet of health, your familiar will also have a number of skill points restored. When these items are bound, your familiar will also keep all augmentations that it had prior to the binding. Therefore, you should carefully consider whether or not to bind them as doing so will require you to re-augment your companion from scratch.

How do I unbind or destroy my amulets/rings?

Amulets and rings can be destroyed for free by using the “Destroy” option in the Summoning obelisk. This will remove your amulet or ring from your familiar. In the case of an amulet of health, you must use the “Bind” option in a Summoning obelisk. This will destroy your amulet and resummon it with full life points and any unspent skill points. Unlike other amulets/rings, there is no ‘free’ option to destroy an amulet of health as it has to be destroyed after being bound.

Can I use a specific amulet/ring with any familiar?

No. In order to use an amulet/ring you must use the same kind of familiar that you were using when you first obtained the item. This is because different kinds of familiars will have different needs so an amulet obtained on a spirit graahk may not work for a spirit kyatt or vice versa.

What are the differences between the amulets and rings?

Amulets do not provide any combat bonuses, unlike rings which can provide both offensive and defensive bonuses. Amulets also require fewer charges per use than rings. However, since the ring of life was released by Jagex on 10 December 2007, they have become more popular as they are much easier to obtain (you can buy them from other players or you can get them as a drop) which is especially helpful for low-leveled players. As such, many players actually prefer rings to amulets and the number of amulets of health used by players has decreased significantly.

What is the difference between an amulet and a pendant?

A pendant is otherwise known as the “Amulet of nature”, which can only be obtained from examining a strange plant during the Garden of Tranquility quest. It has its own Summoning-specific pouches for seeds and attractor beams, as well as containing some information about the plants it contains. This does not have any offensive or defensive bonuses, nor does it restore life points or any skill points of your familiar. It only serves as an item to identify you as someone who has completed this quest. In addition it is slower to summon with than an amulet of health.

How do I re-augment my familiar?

Re-augmenting requires you to use up summoning pouches. To start, access your familiar’s page by bringing up the Navigation menu on the W and clicking on ‘Familiars’. There will be an option for ‘Manage Familiars’ at the bottom of this sub-menu. Select which familiar you are re-augmenting, as well as what kind of pouch (food or scrolls) you will be using and then click on “Recharge” at the bottom right hand corner. You will have to use one of each kind to re-augment your familiar.


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