8 gift ideas for sister and brother in law


Getting your sister and brother-in-law a gift for their wedding is always tricky, especially when they have everything! These gifting guidelines and suggestions are easy to follow and are guaranteed to please any couple on their big day. And don’t forget about Valentine’s Day! Give the perfect valentine gift that lasts year round. Anniversary gift for sister and brother in law should also be special.

8 gift ideas for sister and brother in law are:

1. A gift basket.

Sister and brother in law are newlyweds, always on a budget and have so many other expenses to pay for. Still, they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a thoughtful gift basket with items like:

·          Candlelight dinner for two at home

·          A Voucher for extra time with their babysitter

·          Dinner out at their favorite restaurant.

2. A photo of the pair on their wedding day.

Photography is one of the most expensive parts of their wedding. A photo album of all their favorite shots, a framed picture or even a canvas print is the perfect gift. It’s a gift they can enjoy forever and share with family and friends. Elegant, inexpensive and lasting, this gift will be a gracious reminder that the couple are always in your thoughts! Just have it framed or put it in a beautiful photo album – hang it up wherever they can see it often.

3. A candy bar.

A delicious and thoughtful gift to give the bride and groom. The wrappers can be personalized with a loving message or perhaps include some recipes, with a note attached: “We’ll see you soon!” Chocolate is always a win. Who doesn’t like it? The fun part about this gift is that it can be customized however you like. You can include a variety of different chocolates, or even add toppings like pretzels and nuts if you choose to do so. Accepting gifts and favors from vendors is also common practice on the big day, so if you know someone who makes specialty chocolate, you could go that route as well!

4. A gift certificate for their favorite restaurant or diner.

Everyone knows that the bride and groom will be completely worn out after their wedding, so it pays to have a gift ready that they can use the next day. That’s what makes this option so special. Any restaurant will do; the gift certificate can cover dinner or an appetizer and desert if they prefer a more casual affair. This is a thoughtful gift because it comes from you and will be something they can use at any time.

5. A dog or cat themed card or gift.

It doesn’t have to be specifically made for the animal lover, just make sure to put some thought into any present you choose to give. Newlyweds are often surrounded by their pets; you can give them a photo frame that displays their favorite pet, or maybe even a special blanket they made themselves!

6. Baby shower favors.

What better way to welcome them into their new home than with something that is both practical and treasured? Provide the couple with their own baby shower favors! This is a lovely idea, and will really make them feel special on the big day – wouldn’t it be nice to have some of the gifts they received right back?

7. Cuddle basket. 

If you are very close with your sister and brother in law you might want to give them a cuddle basket – this can be especially helpful if they’re trying to get pregnant (or just trying to get some!) Cuddle baskets are great because they can really use it when they. If you are close to your sister and brother in law, then you know exactly how they like to relax. A cuddle basket is filled with a variety of things that they can use while spending time together. Include items like:

·          Special wine glasses

·          Warm candlelight dinner for two

·          Favorite soft blanket and pillow – maybe even one made with their children’s baby hairs!

8. Prints of the couple on their wedding day.

A great photo print of the wedding is a thoughtful gift you can give to any couple. Just make sure not to get it framed in anything that stands out because they may display it somewhere other than their bedroom!

Bonus: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic times of year, but finding a gift that your sister and brother in law aren’t expecting can be very challenging. With the suggestions you’ll find here, on 8 gift ideas for sister and brother in law, you’re sure to find something for your favorite couple.


You might want to give your sister a gift that you know she’ll like, or something that will remind her of you. Whatever the case may be, you’ll find that getting an original gift for your sister is not complicated if you keep a few things in mind. You need to pick a gift according to her hobbies, likes, dislikes and personality type. In addition to this, you might also want to think about giving her a gift that has sentimental value.


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