Take Advantage Of Murphy’s Law Of Love – Read These 8 Tips


Love is a wonderful thing – for some people. For others, it’s an agonizing and never-ending cycle of angst and disappointment that leaves them feeling like their life is meaningless or even worse, hellish. Fortunately there are strategies to help you overcome this state of mind and make the most out of your dating life. Do watch Murphy’s law of love ep 1.

8 tips to take advantage of Murphy’s Law of Love are:

1. Realize It’s About You

You can’t really appreciate others until you realize it’s about you. Love is not a constant source of joy or even happiness. It’s what we make of it. If your partner doesn’t meet your expectations, be happy that they’re there to fulfill them. Realize that if they need to change in some ways, they’re probably doing so because they recognize it’s not working for them and are trying to get it right for you.

2. Be a Student of Attraction

Learn the qualities of your ideal partner and work on developing yourself to match them. This can take time, but it will pay off in spades. Many people form weak relationships because they’re not willing to invest enough time into the process. Read books, watch movies and listen to music by those who’ve been successful in the dating game – this will also enable you to get some insight into their behavior while they were in the search process.

3. Don’t Try to Control The Elements of Chance

Some things are out of your control. The most important part is to keep your heart open, be romantic and sincerely care about your partner and his/her feelings. Dating takes time, so be patient and try not to push for anything or expect too much too soon. Things happen naturally if you are patient enough to let them…

4. Be Kind To Yourself

When you are kind to yourself, you attract people who will be kind to you. When others are kind to you, try responding with kindness. But don’t expect kindness from your partner; be grateful for any generosity or thoughtfulness he or she shows. Most people have a hard time being kind and compassionate towards themselves when they consistently settle for less than they deserve or expect more from others than they can give, but it’s an important part of the equation – especially when you’re feeling low because it hurts so bad to be lied to or cheated on. Be kind to yourself, be patient, and work on forgiving and forgetting.

5. Look Within

If you’ve ever wondered why your significant other is the way they are, look no further than yourself. We all want to take our partners personality traits but we don’t want them to take ours… Don’t do that to yourself or anyone else. If you’re having a hard time being happy and feel like it’s all your partner’s fault, ask yourself if you have trouble expressing your feelings or if you have trouble accepting love in return. That’s only two of the many elements and there are plenty of others; however, that can help lead you in the right direction

6. Don’t Let Your Attitude Affect Your Partner

I’m sure we’ve all been in a relationship that seemed great at the beginning, but as the honeymoon wore off and the realities of life (or lack of) set in, things fell apart. This is often due to poor communication on both ends. Keep your emotions under control. If you’re constantly upset, the relationship is bound to suffer and you’ll be less likely to want to be with them anyway. This is not easy because it means learning to cope with anger, hurt and frustration, but it’s important if you really are in love and want to make it work

7. Read The Comments (And Comments on The Comments)

If you get a negative impression from the comments section of your partner’s profile or on any other website, it may be time for you to reexamine your relationship. Most people tend to look down at others who respond negatively and lash out in frustration or other negative ways. But if you do that sometimes, so should they! It’s human nature. Everyone needs to get it out of their system – especially you.

8. Avoid The Friend Zone

The friend zone is something many of us have experienced at one point or another. You don’t want to be friends with your partner. You want to be lovers… If you let them become too friendly – only friends, this is where you’ll end up. Everyone knows what the friend zone is, but no one really talks about how to avoid it or get out of it. Rather than going on dates with the intention of getting a relationship out of them, go on dates with the intention of getting to know them better and being friends if nothing else works. This can help prevent you from being disappointed when they don’t want to be more than friends or if they reject you in anyway


After reading these tips, you should be more prepared to walk in the dating world with greater confidence and more knowledge. With these strategies, you can be a happier and even more successful singleton!


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