9 Easy Ways To Make HEALTHY HABITS Faster


Some of us have a really hard time making healthy habits like hope woodside health sticks for more than a month, let alone a lifetime. This article will tell you about nine ways to make your healthy habits easier. Once you read the steps and try them out, the process should be drastically reduced from weeks to days or even hours. Let’s get started!

The 9 Easy Ways To Make HEALTHY HABITS Faster

1. Buy a smaller plate and mugs: 

As soon as you serve yourself food on bigger plates and in bigger mugs, natural cravings kick in for more (even if it’s something we don’t want because of what it’ll do to our health). You’ll have to eat more to feel full and even break your healthy eating habits. This is exactly why we often give up on diets because they make us feel unsatisfied.

2. Get rid of all junk food from your home:

It’s so much easier to make healthy choices when there’s no temptation in your house. If you have it at home, you’ll find yourself eating it just because it’s available and next thing you know, you either gain some unwanted pounds or go back to old eating habits that are no longer healthy for you (and if they were ever healthy).

3. Start small:

Making big changes overnight is usually not the most effective but you can make smaller changes in your daily routine to bring you closer to the goal you’ve set for yourself. If you want to start running more often, don’t just go out and run five miles a day. It’s easier to make healthy habits stick when you start off small. Don’t eat an apple a day (we all know how hard it is to stop) – instead, eat one a week. If you can start with something small, you’ll soon realize that it’s not too difficult to maintain your new habits.

4. Eat breakfast every day:

If you’re starting off your day with some healthy food and staying away from unhealthy foods which would lead to overeating or breaking your healthy habits, it will be much easier for you to stick with this new approach for the whole day.

5. Schedule healthy meals in advance:

If you plan ahead, you’ll know what you’ll eat and that’s another reason why you’ll make healthier habits stick. Don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about what to eat for dinner – make all your decisions about what to eat the night before. By doing this, it will be much easier for you to stick with healthy eating and a good portion of time will be spent on preparing food instead of spending hours thinking when “The Moment” to eat should be.

6. Keep healthy snacks in the house:

Even if you decide to make all healthy habits stick, it’s still a good idea to have healthy snacks in the house. If you don’t eat them and your hunger starts rising, chances are that you’ll reach out for unhealthy food. By keeping some fruits and nuts around, the possibility of overeating becomes much less and you can concentrate on making your healthy choices stick.

7. Get more sleep:

The less time we spend sleeping each day, the more unhealthy eating patterns we’ll form (and break). Studies have shown that even relatively small amounts of sleep deprivation can result in overeating. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will be more likely to eat foods which will upset your stomach, lead to weight gain, and make it harder for you to stick with healthy eating habits.

8. Drink more water:

Even though we tend to think that water won’t help us stick with healthy eating habits, studies have shown that it does. In fact, if you drink enough water (about one gallon) a day, it’ll help you eat better and lose weight because it’ll keep your hunger down (and since we all know how much easier it is to make healthy choices when our hunger is low), while making unhealthy options less tempting.

9. Meditate:

The main reason why meditation makes healthy habits easier to stick with is that it substantially reduces stress. Even if you don’t feel well, if you’re not stressed out, everything will probably work out fine – at least better than when you’re stressed out. In fact, studies have shown that meditation can improve our mood and make us happier, which goes a long way in forming healthy habits.


If you’re having difficulty making healthy choices, you should try to apply one or more of these methods. The right approach will help you stay away from unhealthy foods and make the process of sticking with your new habits easier. Remember that even if it seems hard to make healthy choices right now, it’s not impossible. Stick with this new way of eating and soon enough you’ll realize that, even if you slip up here and there (which isn’t as bad as people think), making good habits stick is relatively easy. Once you apply one or more helpful tips from this article, the whole process should be much smoother and faster than before.


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