9 Ridiculous Rules About APPLE IPHONES


Most people never even bother to pick up an APPLE iPhone, but if you’re one of those two percenters then I’m sure you’ve been wondering what in the world it’s like. For instance, have you ever heard about the nine ridiculous rules about APPLE iPhones? You can thank me later for this piece of truth that will change your life forever. Like 720p ashes of the singularity wallpapers

We’ve all seen the insane commercials from Apple. It’s as if Apple are selling us some kind of seductive lifestyle but we’re just too stupid to realise its true agenda. Today I’m going to give you nine of those ridiculous rules about APPLE IPHONES and help you pick your next iPhone without being sucked into the Apple cult.

1. No Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking your APPLE iPhone makes it easy to make changes in iTunes. This can also help you run pirated apps on your mobile phone. The whole idea behind jailbreaking is to allow the user to have more control over the phone. This way you can make changes that Apple would not ordinarily allow.

Apple doesn’t want any of their users making changes to the phone because they might mess with the way they operate and if that happens then legal problems are sure to follow. On top of all this, Apple claims that jailbreaking often has terrible consequences on other people’s computers if they’re at all connected through social media or anything like that.

2. No playing around with iTunes

This is a ridiculous rule about APPLE IPHONES, but it’s one that a lot of people follow anyway. They think that you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer in order to play music on their new iPhone.

The truth is that you don’t need an up-to-date version of iTunes to play music on your iPhone. There are plenty of free alternatives available and some are even free if you don’t mind streaming your music or downloading files off some medium called the Internet.

Jailbreaking software is also available which will allow you to play any song or video file on your APPLE iPhone with absolutely no problems at all.

3. You can’t get it out of the box

I know this is a ridiculous rule about APPLE IPHONES, and it’s one that a lot of people believe too. Apparently you can’t just go and buy your new iPhone from anywhere in Australia and have it shipped straight to your front door. You have to go through a certain number of channels first before you actually get your iPhone.

In fact there are places online where you can purchase an APPLE iPhone straight from the manufacturer for cheaper than if you bought it through an official Apple store or even McDonalds. I’m sure there are others, but I haven’t tried them or seen them advertised on TV yet.

4. You can’t stand up to Apple

I’m sure you’ve heard of the incident where a guy from Australia was locked out of his APPLE iPhone for using an operating system other than APPLE’s own. The man in question had changed the software on his phone to one made by Google and when Apple found out about this, they basically sent a letter telling him he could no longer use any of their programs because the phone was no longer an official APPLE iPhone.

The man in question actually stood up and said that he didn’t recognise Apple’s authority over him because they were basically restricting his freedom to do what he wanted with his own property. In the end though, he lost that argument.

5. No accessories

Another ridiculous rule about APPLE IPHONES that a lot of people seem to believe is that you can’t even use your APPLE iPhone without paying for it first. Apparently you have to buy your APPLE iPhone, pay for an expensive data plan, buy a computer and do the same thing before you can access any of the online services they offer.

6. You must have an iCloud account

This is another ridiculous rule about APPLE IPHONES which isn’t actually true. You don’t need to have an iCloud account to have full access to your phone and all the programs on it. Why don’t they call it something else like the Apple cloud?

7. You can’t switch phone isoreap

Another ridiculous rule about APPLE IPHONES which isn’t true is that you can’t swap your iPhone for another one. I know how people think this works, but it’s not actually true. You could go to an official APPLE store or a special website, ask them to give you a completely functioning iOS without any of the software that comes with it and then sell it back to them later on as a spare part by paying them money for the privilege of using their products.

8. You can’t turn your APPLE iPhone into a computer

I was reading an article recently where they were claiming that you couldn’t do this and only have it as an ‘all in one’ mobile phone/computing device. This is one of the most ridiculous rules about APPLE IPHONES that I’ve ever heard of, but I guess it must be true because nobody ever does anything like this.

9. No iTunes match

One of the most ridiculous rules about APPLE IPHONES is that you’re not allowed to use iTunes Match to get any music onto your phone other than through Apple’s own streaming service.

Conclusion of this article:

I think it’s important to know that you don’t have to live by all these ridiculous rules about APPLE IPHONES as long as you’re willing to break one or two of them. Some people will tell you that jailbreaking software is illegal, but that’s not true either – especially if you do it yourself.

So next time you’re thinking about getting an APPLE iPhone or upgrading the one you’ve already got, just be aware of the fact that there are a lot of people out there who aren’t going to be able to live their lives the way they want because of Apple and their ridiculous rules about APPLE IPHONES.


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