Smartphone Leasing- An affordable way to use a smartphone

Smartphone Leasing

Today, smartphones have become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. You can find a person without a wallet, but it is hard to find someone without a smartphone. This is because smartphones are no longer only used for making phone calls. These are used for reading emails, getting directions, online banking, optimizing, chatting, browsing the internet, sending contracts, loading presentations, video conferencing and much more. However, all this convenience comes at a price.

For this reason, people these days prefer to rent a smart phone instead of shelling out on high-end phones. Now you might have started wondering what renting a smartphone means. If so, read on and find out the answer.

What is smartphone leasing?

Smartphone leasing is just like leasing an apartment or a car. You need to sign a lease with the smartphone rental company and make a lease payment which, in turn, entitles you to use the device for a definite period. But don’t confuse it with buying a phone in instalments. When you lease a mobile phone, you need to make one initial payment upfront followed by weekly or monthly payments, and you have to return the mobile once your lease period ends. Leasing a smartphone seems a more attractive option than buying one. Isn’t it?

The pricy tag is not the only reason for renting a smartphone. Buyer’s remorse is another reason for that. What if you buy a smartphone and then realize that it is not performing the way you expected it to? Annoying! So if you love upgrading your phone very often, renting a smartphone can be the most affordable and reliable way to get your hands on a cutting-edge smartphone.

Whatever is your reason to rent a smartphone, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of smartphones available to you. Moreover, suppose you are in business and wish to provide your employees with a smart device that offers consistent communication. In that case, too, leasing smartphones is a good bet for you. 

What to look for when renting a smartphone?

When renting a mobile phone, the first and foremost thing you need to consider is your lifestyle. So before you proceed further, decide what you are going to do with the smartphone and why you need one. Next comes analyzing your budget; determine what class of device you can afford- a budget model, mid-range or a top-end. This is the most significant decision you would make when renting a phone as smartphones are available in a range of prices, rental smartphones too.

If you occasionally use a smartphone to make calls, send texts or WhatsApp messages, or browse social media apps, a mid-range device will serve you the best. However, if you will use the smartphone consistently for work purposes, taking pictures, playing games, watching movies, and storing large files, go for the most premium device that fits in your pocket. Besides this, look for the following factors:

  • The phone is an iPhone or Android model.
  • Usability of the phone- Determine if it is similar to the phones you have used previously and become accustomed to.
  • The cost of rent a smart phone
  • The size of the screen (this is important if you intend to watch movies and videos or view contracts and presentations on your phone)
  • The display quality of the phone
  • The battery life of the smartphone
  • The processor speed
  • The camera quality (if you are an avid photographer, look for a high-quality camera phone; otherwise, an ordinary will also work)
  • Last but not least, the amount of storage space that comes with the phone.


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