Owning a house these days has become a luxury instead of a necessity because of the economic condition of the world. Due to the unexpected pandemic, the economies have come to their worst condition in the current time. Many of the companies have fired most of the employees because of the sudden decision of cost reduction they had to take for the sustainability of their companies. Those who were on daily wedges or own some businesses are also not in a good condition. Their businesses have become saturated because, if the economic situation of a country is not well then the people who have buying power will also be not having it for a longer period. How could a person survive only on utilizing their savings for a year or so? There will be a time when that one also will be running out of savings and not all of the people would have saved for such rainy days as the pandemic has occurred suddenly so many of us are left unprepared for that. 

People were not even prepared for the strategy to run their homes than how they could be prepared for life events like buying a house. In addition, they have got to face unsolicited health expenses. Families which have been tested positive for covid19 also have to bear the expenses for the disease management. This global pandemic has left people shaken to the core. Lives have become totally different after this pandemic. 

Who would be one who doesn’t want to have a house of its own? But saving the whole life and finding a house at a place where your demands would meet is a difficult task. An area that would be close to the utilities and offices as well as schools. Also, schools that have a reasonable fee structure. The cost of the commute is also a major factor that could not be neglected. How would you do all chores if you had no money left in the end and all of the savings were consumed by the commute? These factors are necessary to be checked carefully before buying a house. 

Multiple housing schemes are providing a luxurious and modern lifestyle but also charging very high for that. And if you buy a plot to build a house by yourself on that plot then keep in mind that the supplies are also not very cheap. Plus the labor cost has also to be kept in mind. The time for building the whole commodity is also an aspect that occurs. When you opt for reputable builders, the cost increases because of the branding. They surely provide classy services but under their name, those services become additionally costly. 

There are only a few builders that you can trust while handing your dream to them. After all, it’s a matter of investment of lifelong savings. There are few projects in Pakistan of real estate development companies that are working on the agenda of providing facilities of modern living which could be afforded by all the social classes. 

Bahria Town Karachi is one of those real estate development companies that focuses on providing a stylish lifestyle along with affordability. Here is one of the Bahria Towns project that is Bahria Greens.  Bahria Greens has been developed to provide all the facilities under the name of Bahria to the people who can spend moderately. 

Bahria Greens aims to facilitate people a society that would be highly secure with Bahria’s own security team which will be policing the residents 24/7. The society they would provide will be gated which strictly will control the outsider residents or outside automobile traffic and will also be protected by boundary walls. They will also facilitate their residents with high-quality medical healthcare facilities. They have highly active 24/7 emergency facilities and internationally trained paramedic staff along with well-experienced doctors so that they could provide life facilities with quality assurance. 

The purpose of Bahria Greens is to mainly provide Pakistan’s biggest low-cost housing scheme which is offering limited residential plots of 75 square yards (15’×40′), by booking the plot immediately along with some down payment and securing the possession in 3 years by easy installment method of 4 years. The covered area is 1700 square yards approx. with 4 bedrooms. They are under full-fledged development and for the visitors, the model street with 20 houses is under development. The polling has been done flourishingly with the information now available in all the offices. They are offering the same housing scheme as Bahria Town Karachi to families with low income. The residents here will avail the same services as the other residents of project Bahria Town. Bahria Greens is the Future of Bahria Town Karachi

They soon will prevail as the completion of other real estate developing companies in the market. 


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