Android hacks that you barely know


Smartphones are the latest rage. What was once a simple phone has now become a mini computer, which can do anything from holding our contacts list to editing documents and playing games. 

But there is always someone who wants to take it one step further and make their phone even more functional and more exciting than the rest. 

Campus Doc has some more android hacks that you barely know

I am sure you’d be aware of the fact that most western countries have started to ban the use of some kind of “jailbreak” codes in their phones for security reasons. 

This means that what was once a simple phone can now become more powerful by employing some modifications. 

Here are some best  android hacks that you barely know-

1. Using USB OTG

Thanks to some new and unexpected Android updates, you can now easily copy files and even charge your phone using a USB cable. 

Using this method will allow you to copy files between your android device and a desktop or laptop computer that is running the Android SDK on it like a developer. 

The files copied on their computers will be saved in the SD card of your phone. 

The following steps on how to use USB OTG for syncing with android phones without rooting them on jailbroken phones.

2. The ext4 filesystem

The ext4 filesystem is one of the best features to have on your android device. It is an open source filesystem that was initially designed by Google. 

This new file system makes it possible for us to store all the system files in a single place instead of having them scattered throughout different partitions.  

This makes it easier to put the files in the right place while keeping things organized at the same time. 

3. The System UI Tuner

The System UI Tuner is a feature present in almost every Android phone made since Jelly Bean 4.0 or higher. It is very helpful and useful especially if you often forget the default applications that come pre-installed on your device. 

The UI Tuner allows you to change and modify the default apps and system settings without rooting your phone and voiding its warranty. 

4.  The Floating Desktop Mode

The floating desktop mode is great for those who would like to quickly switch from one application to another without interrupting it or getting interrupted by it.  

This can prevent accidentally exiting an app by closing the floating window without the awareness of the user. 

5. The Gravity Box

If you are the kind of person who constantly forgets to take your phone with you during meetings or business related meetings, Gravity Box is exactly what you need.  

It is a feature that allows you to easily center your phone on a shelf or mount it on the wall without worrying about dropping it.  It saves space and space can definitely make people happy.

6. The Device Administrators

Admins are an essential part of any device. We all often forget that but they play an important role not only for security reasons but also for functionalities like permissions and data protection. 

7. Screen Rotation Lock

Screen rotation lock is exactly what it says. It allows you to lock your screen rotation on either landscape or portrait mode.  

This makes it easier to use Android on tablets or phones that have different screen sizes. 

8. The Camera Hacks

This is one of the best android hacks that you barely know for many reasons. It can do so many things from changing the flash, changing the focus, making your pictures more clear and even improving your video quality.  

This hack is very easy to implement but for some unknown reason, it doesn’t work on all cameras.  It will also not work on some phones that have face recognition security features installed.

9. The Fingerprint Sensor Hacks

The fingerprint sensor built into modern Android devices are not only very good at unlocking your device but are also very accurate at identifying fingerprints.  

They work just like a real human finger and thus can easily be fooled by fake prints.  If you don’t want to memorize and fool your device into unlocking your phone, then these hacks might help you out.

10. The Wipe Data and Wipe Cache Partition Hacks

The data and cache partition stores all the temporary data of an application, such as location data and other application settings.  

This is good for freeing up space but it can also cause issues with some applications if they are unable to sync with the server since the cached data may not be available.  

This happens because the data is stored in a separate partition and may be different from the app that needs it.  This gives users the ability to completely wipe their apps and contents which is what they do for security reasons.


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