How to Download the NetSuite App for Android?


Businesses nowadays are always looking for smarter ways to connect with their crucial data anytime and from anywhere. That’s only logical, given the steep competition, you just can’t delay making an important business decision. Businesses want instant access to the information and storing data on the cloud gives them precisely what they want.

NetSuite is one of the leading ERP solutions, offering businesses with robust functionalities and features to streamline various business functions. The platform is meant to assist businesses to increase efficiency and productivity by leveraging the power of automation and cloud technology. In fact, NetSuite was one of the first ERP platforms to offer end-to-end cloud business solutions, enabling businesses to effectively manage their businesses from anywhere and using any device. Today, the NetSuite app for Android and iPhone ensures that business leaders are able to access crucial business data and insights remotely and in real-time.

Here in this blog, we will be looking at steps to download NetSuite apps for Android and iPhone. But before we move on to discuss the steps involved in NetSuite mobile app download, let’s first discuss why you need to download the NetSuite Android or iPhone apps.

Why You Should Download the NetSuite Mobile App 

The average worker in the USA spends over 1 hour commuting to and from the workplace. This is a long time to spend unproductively; especially if you are a business owner. Well, in today’s competitive business world, you just can’t wait to reach the office to resume work responsibilities (until then, you may be left far behind). Whether you are in a car, train, or even on the plane, business leaders need to connect to their business at all times. And it’s not only about meetings or phone calls. Most of the time, it’s essential to access the documents, data, reports, or any other significant information that may be required.

With NetSuite mobile app, the entire business comes into your palms. The mobile app comes with extensive reporting features, dashboards, call logging, time tracking, and many other features that are included in the desktop version.

Here are some benefits of the NetSuite Mobile app:

  • Interactive and highly user-friendly interface; optimized to support different tasks
  • Instant access to complete business records including recent searches, saved searches, and others
  • Time and expense management
  • Easy customization options for reports including grouping levels, adding fields, formulae customization, and others
  • KPIs monitoring through an intuitive dashboard
  • Inbound/outbound phone call logging

Convinced already?

Well, now quickly look at how you can download NetSuite mobile app and start enhancing the efficiency of your business;

Steps To Download the NetSuite App

  1. NetSuite mobile apps for iOS or Android can be found on Google Play Store, or Apple App Store respectively.
  2. Once you found the app, make sure you read and accept the license agreement for the app
  3. For Android devices, simply install the app from Google Play Store. Alternatively, for the iPhone, you can tap on “free” or “Get App” in iTunes to install the mobile application. You may need to submit the Google Play or iTunes Store account and password (if asked to submit)

Side note: if you are looking to download/install the NetSuite mobile app on Mac, you would need to sync the machine (Mac) with iTunes to be able to use the app.

Steps to Log-in to the NetSuite Mobile App

Once you are done with the mobile app download, the next step is to log-in to the app, before you can get access to the data and information you need while sipping a cup of coffee in your bed.

For security purposes, NetSuite recommends users to not access accounts with full access to data (administrator) through mobile devices.

Here’s how you can sign-in to your NetSuite Mobile App account:

  • Log-in to the account by entering the email and password of your NetSuite account
  • Tap “remember password” if you want your password to be remembered on the mobile device

– Choose the role for the netsuite ebay session (administrator, user, etc.). Your choice of the role will be remembered by the app and will be automatically chosen for the next session. However, your role for mobile session won’t change your default role for NetSuite Web Account

Well, there you have it! You are now good to start accessing your business data remotely from anywhere through Android or iPhone devices. Now it’s time to boost your efficiency and give competitors a tough time for their running


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