Bathroom trends to look out for before your next remodelling project


Every year there are some new trends introduced, and some old ones are bid goodbye. From the choice of products to the materials and how the bathrooms are being designed, this year proves to be a trendsetter as people are paying more attention to their homes. Due to the pandemic, many jobs switched to work from home, making people invest more and more to better their environment, leading to many new bathroom design trends.

This year’s most significant trend is people making spaces that accurately fulfil their specific needs, with customisation being the game’s name. From bathroom basins in Australia to showerheads, people customise everything to suit their particular needs. 

Here are some top trends in bathroom designs that will give you a direction for your next remodelling project. 

1. Openness and privacy 

There is a noticeable rise in the popularity of an ensuite bathroom, with a focus on flow from the bedroom to the bathroom with wider entrances to the bathroom area. The bathroom area is often ensuite with a walk-in closet to give a more open-floor look. The vanity area and bathtub are usually the centrepieces of such bathrooms, with only the toilet area being enclosed with a door. 

2. Natural materials top the list.

Timber, stone, texture metallics and other natural finishes are gaining popularity. Materials like a smooth stone, ceramic and warm wood provide a tactile experience to the bathroom, making every touchpoint unique. The stone and marble finishes remain on top, being the popular choice for countertops and baths. 

3. Trendy fixtures.

While chrome fixtures top Australia’s choice, some trendier materials like gunmetal and brushed nickel continue to gain popularity. These finishes are easy to work with where the standard gold and brass look fail, as they are subtle and easily complement other finishes in the bathroom. 

Moreover, the texture of taps and fixtures is now paid equal attention, from diamond textures to linear. There are various options to choose from to add a flair of detail to your taps. 

4. Clean Lines 

Under counter and inset, basins see their way into many Australian homes due to their clean line design that creates a seamless look. These bathroom basins in Australia are not popular just because of the aesthetic but because of their practicality, as these integrated sinks are easy to clean and do not take up much space.  

5. All focus on the shower.

A shower in the bathroom is seen as the ultimate tool of relaxation. If one fixture one should splurge on in the bathroom is a shower, a good shower will stay as such for at least a decade. A well-made shower enclosure creates a harmonious space. From frameless shower screens to textured or fogged glass, homeowners are choosing to create enclosures that look good and functional. 

When it comes to the show’s star – the shower, people are splurging on thermostatic mixers, which allows the individual to set their flow and pressure preferences for their perfect shower at a touch of a button.

6. Mirrors in the spotlight

Mirrors are the spotlight of any bathroom, and one often spends a lot of time there. From geometric mirrors, arched mirrors, circular mirrors, and even functional features like defogging mirrors make their way above many bathroom basins in Australia. 

The bathroom is a functional area with great importance in any home. A good bathroom efficiently blends into your lifestyle and eases the morning routine for you. Don’t be afraid to play it a little unconventional and customise your bathroom as per your needs to get the most out of it. 


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