10 Must-Have Workwear For Every Woman


Women are now working in almost every field in the corporate and government sectors. Around 47.2% of the workforce are women in Australia, and with a formal environment, formal clothes are necessary. Here, let’s discuss the ten best standard women’s workwear in trend and evergreen classic suits for all formal occasions.

Formal clothes can be divided into three categories, i.e., tops, bottoms and outerwear.


1. White Button-Down Shirt

This is an ideal work environment clothing every woman must have in their wardrobe. It works as the base of a suit and can be worn with a matching pair of trousers, blazer, pencil skirt etc. With a button-down white shirt, everything looks professional.

The shirt should be of high quality, full collar, and long sleeve with buttons to roll up for a casual look if required. The shirt must be tailored and well fitted. This shirt is very versatile, and combinations with other workwear will work pretty well.

2. Polished Everyday T-Shirt

If your workplace is a bit casual, you can always make the best use of the T-shirt. Here, the T-shirt is not just a regular one but a polished one. This T-shirt looks more comfortable and less casual than the T-shirts kids wear to school. It is always made of high quality and designed for adults.

All bottoms go with a T-shirt. But, make sure that the T-shirt is not too thin or fancy. Classic neutral colours and patterns are a good choice.

Cardigans go well with this, making it a basic everyday non-standard attire. Depending on time and occasion, you can wear short or long sleeve cardigans; also, you can layer up dress items a lot easier with T-shirts.

3. Sweater

It is an excellent choice for the winter season, but has that ever stopped anyone from wearing the things they like? The business environment has intense air conditioning in some places; hence it’s good to have a sweater during winter. 

Sweaters are simple, having no frizzy or funky designs, which make them good enough that you can layer other clothes as well. 

Everyday wear like cashmere crew neck or turtlenecks is nice stretchy and comfortable sweaters you can wear to the office.

4. Cami/Additional Blouse

It has a very loose and comfy feel to it. It gives you a laid back look and a fresh feeling. You can pair it up with a cardigan or long cardigan that is 85 per cent body length. The cami being sleeveless makes it compulsory to wear a cardigan or some other clothing over it.

Don’t buy the lacy and nightwear kind of camisoles. There are specifically designed camis for the workplace. If the cami is a bit thin and revealing, you can go with a fun blouse over it and pair it up with regular pants.


5. Trousers

When it comes to bottoms, trousers are professional-looking, appropriate, and feel great when you wear them. It is the perfect workwear for those who don’t want to wear different clothing items every day. The length of the trousers is usually from mid-hip to just above the ankle.

Avoid super trendy, high waisted, and bell-bottom trousers; not every type of trend is considered formal.

6. Pencil Skirt

It is a commonly seen office dress item. Its flattering shape and high waist look are stylish and formal. Make sure to get the right size and material as these types of skirts sometimes budge too much and get tight on the hips.


7. Blazer

It is the “I slay in the office dress” item with which you can lead the meeting in style. It is suitable for meetings, conferences and for attending an official meeting.

8. Cardigans

A cardigan is a perfect alternative if you don’t want to wear a blazer every day. Cardigans are comfortable and easy to wear.

Unique Items

9. Dress 

It is a classic sleek dress. The appropriate length for office is till the knee. The dress is clean, classic professional modern clothing, and it stands on its own. A sheath dress is a power dress for women. if you are not a fan of the everyday sheath dress, you can go for a wrap up formal dress

10. Wrap Up Formal Dress

Wrap-ups are relaxed and formal attire which you can wear on any occasion. Many are not aware that formal or semi-formal wrap-ups are a great women’s workwear item.

Please select the style and clothing you like the most and are confident wearing it. At last, it is not the clothes, but the person wearing them radiates the positive vibes wherever they go.


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