Best 20 Tips For Sixkiller Gaming House


Do you play sixkiller?

If so, then this article is for all the sixkiller gaming house!

Here are 20 tips to improve your sixkiller gameplay.

Start with the most important one: 

1. Know your class inside and out! 

You’ll be able to spot the enemies’ weaknesses and stay alive longer. This will help you make the most of every match. 

Learn how to use a keyboard for maximum mobility and more speed in game. Adjust your mouse speed according to how you want to move on screen – some people want their screens slower while others might like their screens faster. 

2. Use Windows Key + Down Arrow to spawn grenades! 

You’ll have more control with the mouse and keyboard than ever before. By using the mouse and a keyboard, you can throw grenades faster without worrying about your enemy shooting you in the back or from a distance. You can also use this tactic to catch them by surprise when they least expect it.

3. Learn how to use your surroundings to your advantage! 

Never wait for an alert at the spawn point again! Instead, look around your house for things you can use against enemies, like chairs, tables or barrels for cover.

4. Running doesn’t make you a coward! 

As a sixkiller player, you will have to run away once in a while. Use this time wisely – while running or crouched, throw grenades at the precise spots where they will have the most damage on your enemies. 

5. Not all sticks are created equal!

Know which stick gives you the best advantage over your enemies and use it to your advantage!

6. Never underestimate your enemy! 

Enemies often surprise in sixkiller – they may be hiding among the dead bodies of their fallen comrades, waiting for an opportunity to attack you. Be wary of this and make sure you don’t get caught off guard.

7. If enemies are coming in behind you, don’t panic!

Enemies will always be coming in behind you. At this point, throw grenades at their feet to kill them before they can get close to you. If they are too close or trying to flank you, use your scope to take them out with one well-placed shot.

8. Never let your guard down! 

Stay vigilant and try not to get caught off guard again. You don’t want enemies sneaking up behind you when you aren’t prepared (and they might end up killing you!). Use your weapon as much as possible – stick it out of the window and shoot from afar if need be!

9. Stay low and spread out!

This makes it easier to use your rifle and grenades effectively. Try to keep enemies off your back lines so that you can stay safe from attacks.

10. Inventory management is key!

Know how much ammo you have left for each weapon in the game, so that you can decide when to use which weapon. If you have an assault rifle with a large clip of bullets, then only use it for situations where enemies are in close range – because it has a large clip size, the gun will be more effective there and be able to kill more enemies in one burst.

11. Stay in the safe zone for as long as possible

The safe zone is crucial for staying alive! This is an area where enemies cannot shoot at you and it distracts them from your bullets, too. This is a great place to hide and lay low until enemies are distracted by other players.

12. Make every shot count! 

Spend time before each match planning out how you will spend your ammunition. No one likes running out of ammo at the wrong time!

13. Shooting games aren’t all about speed! 

While it’s true that those who shoot first usually win the match, this isn’t always the case in sixkiller. Try taking your time and making every shot count! Take a deep breath and watch your enemy’s position before you fire each bullet.

14. Get in the zone, not just in the zone! 

It can be easy to get caught up in the thrill of fighting in zones, but you need to keep an eye out for other players as well. If there are other enemies near where you are, they may be using this as a distraction to sneak up on you and kill you. You have to be aware of this possibility and make sure your enemies aren’t behind a corner waiting for you!

15. Watch the minimap! 

The minimap will tell you how many enemies are on each side of you and when they are coming. Once you know this, use your scope to take them out. Also, the minimap will give your enemies’ positions so make sure that you always know where they are – enemies always try to get behind you and flank you if they can.

16. Never let your squadmates down! 

This is a rule for all of Gmod, but even more so in sixkiller. If your squadmates are down and in need of medical attention, don’t just leave them there! Heal them up and give them the equipment necessary for survival.

17. If you know you are losing, try to make a comeback! 

When facing insurmountable odds, try to lose with honor rather than win with dishonor. Sometimes it is best to die on your feet than trying to get a few more kills at your dying enemy’s expense.

18. Make your attacks personal! 

Take advantage of the fact that sixkiller is a one-on-one game by making your shots more personal. You don’t want to waste any ammo on players who are not worth it, so try to make your attacks count towards just one or two enemies.

19. Use all elements at your disposal! 

Take advantage of the environment – you can use ponds as cover, go behind walls, and use different weapon modes for different situations (fragmentation for close range, stun for long range). Also, try to take out enemies from unexpected angles (like behind them) instead of directly in front of them.

20. Learn from your mistakes! 

Before each match, take a moment to plan what you are going to do throughout the match. You should never go into a match without knowing how you will spend your resources and where you will place yourself while fighting.


Sixkiller is an intense and challenging game, so learning some of the rules of the game can make it a lot easier to play, especially if you are new to sixkiller. If you feel like this is something you enjoy, be sure to try it out on AirMechNews!


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