Best Selection Of Custom Backdrops For Enhancing Your Work


If you want to add a bit of personality to your project and brand name, then adding a customized backdrop is all that you need for it. Whether you own a photography parlor or a videography studio, you know the importance of custom backdrops. These backdrops will enhance your subject to a completely new level and will help it to get the attention it needs. Whether you are taking picture of an object or a person, you cannot complete the task without a promising backdrop to deal with. So, make sure to focus on the essential guide to select the right backdrop for your needs.

The size options you need to care about:

Whenever you are focusing on the size of the backdrop, there are some interesting points to consider. You have to check out the size of the studio and that of the subject, before coming to the next stage of backdrop selection.

  • The portrait subjects must be pulled typically around 3 feet away from your backdrop. 
  • It prevents and shadow from forming in the picture and gives rise to easy lighting.
  • Now, the distance of the subject from that of the backdrop can easily get altered whenever taking the backlit or high key, or the overhead shots.
  • You have the 5 feet wide backdrop, which is perfect for the headshots and 3/4 of the portrait lengths.
  • These backdrops are quite easy to manage and will need minimal space for setting it up. They are great for the event photographers, who mostly work in busy spaces or have to work in a small home studio.
  • Then you have the 7 feet long backdrop too, which is perfect for ¾ length of the portrait of any average sized person. Here, the length remains great for the headshots and portraits, which are not full body.
  • Go in with the 12 feet long backdrop, which is great to sit at 7 feet tall with 4 feet backdrop lying on the floor. This length is great for full body portraits of only one person.
  • For the next stop, you have the 8 feet wide by 4 feet long backdrop. It is great for beauty shots, headshots and some tight interviews. As one floor drop, it can be laid flat to offer that seamless setting. Sometimes, you can curve the backdrop a little for product photography.
  • If you want, you can go in for the 9 feet wide backdrop. It is what you mostly see in the professional studios mainly for the versatility level. These drops will accommodate everything from children portraits to family pictures and more.
  • Lastly, you have the 10 feet long option, which is a must-have for studio for those full-length portraits. You can use this backdrop for the large product shots too.

Depending on the professional line that you are in, it is mandatory to go through all the backdrop options and then select the one you want. It will help to enhance your work and take it completely to an all-new level for sure.


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