benefits of video marketing for small businesses


As a small business marketer, you will have to wear several hats. And yes, some of them will not necessarily be marketing hats! Starting from content creation and product marketing to event presence, social posts, sales, and almost everything in between- it’s all on you!

Of course, you would not like to add anything more to this list, but you also cannot miss out on video marketing. Obviously, it’s overwhelming and expensive, especially for your small business, but it’s always worth the effort and the price. Let’s see how:

Video Marketing Targets Specific Audience

It all started with the dawn of the internet and with computers and smart phones taking center stage. Videos on different devices can help small businesses in targeting a specific audience most effectively. By using a Online Video Editor you can make promotional videos for your business  and this can play a important to reach your target audience.

These days, videos in different digital advertisements are more catchy and relevant, and they can boost small businesses in a number of ways. For example, if you make videos for YouTube, it would be the most strategic scope for you to be where your potential customers are. 

That’s true, considering YouTube has a billion users watching more than 250 million hours of visual content every day.

Visual Assistance

The videos of products and services can serve as additional visual assistance for the existing marketing materials of a small business. As a marketer, you can easily start working on the current marketing materials and then create stunning videos to capture the attention of the audience.

This goes a long way in strengthening brand awareness!

Rank High in the Search Engines

Video marketing will surely make your small business rank high on search engines, especially Google, considering that Google loves visual content.

To be more specific, adding an attractive video to your business site will increase your scopes of ranking on Google search pages by 50X. Now that’s worth the effort, especially when approximately 75% of individuals never go past the first page of the search result pages on Google.

Improved Brand Awareness

Small businesses should make it a point to go for video marketing as it can help them build awareness about their brand simply by introducing them to a wider audience. That’s a fact considering that only Facebook garners about 8 billion video views every day on an average.

Videos are appealing in nature and are great at engaging the viewers while grabbing their attention. Furthermore, they can go viral very easily and give a boost to the process of business recognition.

Videos created through InVideo are engaging, and they can build communities around certain principles and topics. Shares and comments on videos enable the followers to build a loyal following. Videos prompting feedback and discussion have higher chances of being shared by the viewers further.

All this helps in improving awareness about the existence of a brand and its products and services.


Small businesses looking to make a big name within the shortest time possible should definitely work on making viral video advertisements. That’s because video marketing is fast, massive, and powerful.


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